Comedy Is The Best Medicine

On 9th December 2015 I went to see Dawn French’s show for my Mum’s Christmas present. I realised on this night when I was growing she was and still is a massive inspiration for me. The Vicar of Dibley had a huge influence on me the commentary of women in society and body positivity that your size doesn’t restrict you and doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Also that humour isn’t just a male genre but woman are funny. I was therefore very excited to see her live due to this. Also I found out my mum looks like a blonde version of Dawn French. When I told my mum this she rolled her eyes and said “yeah but without the money”.

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The show “Thirty Million Minutes” is about how long she has been alive and what she’s learnt from it. I have been alive for 1 million minutes; that’s insane but I think I’ve used it wisely like the other day I spent the whole day in IKEA playing hide and seek, no regrets. One of her main points was her Dad, before going to her first party her Dad gave her amour (not literally, that’s a different party) he told her that any man would be lucky to have her and that she was a great prize and she choses then winner. This was great advice because it makes your daughter gain power and feel like they are in control over themself. My dad said something similar to me before my first party. He told me “men are dicks” it was blunt and short but true.

Her commentary on body image has always inspired me and didn’t fail on this night. She used a great allegory that your body is just a shell for a personality and her body never stopped her from doing what she wanted to do. This is so true, just thinking of all the acting, writing and producing she has done and still doing. Having a career over decades and in a male dominant industry; not many people can say they’ve had that. However with a media career, comes the media and spoke honestly about how the media has conveyed her. When she was at a heavier weight they said she was unappealing and not sexy but ignored all her success and focused on the fact her beauty was different to others and so obviously bad. Then she lost weight for health reasons and resulted in media respond by saying she’s pretty now and to the extreme that she is too thin. All confirming the media cares about something so trivial as appearance and not she was doing at this time. This is the kind of woman we need in the media talking about their struggles in way that others can learn or relate from but also success and celebrating others for it.

Her second half of the show was very melancholy as it was about her father’s death and her journey after this. I won’t say too much about this but I learnt a lot of new things about her this night. Emphasizing that with the happy there has to be the sad so you can tell when you are happy.

Overall the show was nostalgic as her humour is very 2000s and took me a couple of minutes to get into the humour but once I was there it was stunning to watch. The humour suited to an older audience or one that grew up with her so was perfect for my mum and me (not that your old mum).

Remember To Laugh. Lucy.