Let’s See How This Goes

I decided to make this blog to put my thoughts somewhere instead of repressing them and hiding them until they build into insanity.

Instead of me replying “I don’t care” I’m going to actually say what I think on here because IRL I don’t always say what I think and is something I want to change.

So its going to be a diary esc note of events in my life for me to see what’s going on. Thoughts and feelings I have that are more personal and want somewhere to understand my mind. My love for film, TV, books and art and finally my creative adventures and ideas.


I’m sitting here writing this in my Batman pyjamas, pug cushion, aesthetically pleasing duvet and nice lighting as a literal illusion of me taking control of my life because in reality I just finished having a hangover and have work to do but am too tired/ procrastinating my sunday.

But its the lords day, this is what he would want. Sunday’s are for relaxing, not washing, watching films, sleeping, eating and preparing mentally for Monday.

Whilst I pretend that this blog is going to make everything better when in actual fact it’s me just accepting and loving my life more and seeing how things go, that was way too deep for a first post.

Happy Sunday. Lucy.