Your Friends Can Get You Through Anything

University is the time you find out who is your friend and who is your fake friend. I’m still learning this now but one of the best things about university you can filter your friends because those who stay your friend through university is a true friend. That includes friends from your hometown and new ones.

There are friends who talk about you behind your back. That is the definition of a fake friend. The way I found this person out was through the person they were back chatting me to. They told me what they said and so I decided to cut them out of my life. This always sounds harsh and selfish but it isn’t, its what’s best for you to keep you healthy.

Another type of friend who I know already I won’t stay friends with after university, is someone who seems like your friend but isn’t. You will have a good time with them on a night out but are overall negative and bring you down. Its something no one wants but the good times can make you blind to the fact they’re not healthy for you. For example an old friend of mine became very negative. She once said to me “I’m only friends with fat people to make me look skinny”. This was the moment I knew I couldn’t be around her any more. For someone to be that ignorant hateful and judgmental was something I didn’t want to association myself with, so I haven’t been in contact with her since and things have been so much better.

Then there are friends you know you will always keep in contact with but are just not as close with them as before. This is a friendship where you might see them twice a year but when you do see them you always have a great time and it’s very nostalgic. These friendships are long lasting in quality even if you may not see them all the time.

Then there are weird friends. The friends which get you into odd situations and you don’t know how or why but its fun. Once I was out clubbing and we had left the club and were on our way home but my friend needed the toilet at 3am and nowhere was open. To cut a long story short, we ended up at the BBC and my friend pretended she was pregnant and there was nowhere else she could pee. The security guards were very nice and let her go. Meanwhile I sat in reception with a Dalek on each side of me. You know that moment when you have been drinking and you just look up and realize your drunk. That was the moment I had looking at Dalek. This friend is similar to the previous where you will meet up once in a blue moon but it will always be weird.

The next friends are the ones that mean so much. They are your support system and are the best humans you can imagine. Even if you’re having a bad day you can just think about how talented, interesting and kind they are and make you feel better. These are the humans I plan to stay in contact with; they have no choice in the matter. They are not only compassionate and inspiring people they are some of the funniest and weirdest people I know. To be friends with me it is compulsory. But it means wherever and whenever we can be ourselves. Talking about memes, pulling weird faces and insulting each other to show our love. I’m pretty sure that’s a quote from an Adele song.

The final friend is your soul mate. I know this term may be used for romantic relationships but that’s because they’re your best friend too. But my soul mate isn’t romantic but is still my soul mate. I am the weirdest and happiest when I am with him. He can cheer me up in an instant, even though we can physically see each other we constantly stay in touch. Once when we were sitting in armchairs in Ikea just having a chat he once asked me if I would retire with him. As we don’t believe in safety husbands but retiring with each other would be the best thing. Because getting old can be depressing but I know if I was with him it wouldn’t be. I have even surprised myself with this last paragraph; maybe I’m not an emotionless robot after all?

That was my guide to friendships in life. Though this is just from my experience now which is still evolving but I know who my true friends are. (That sounds like a warning but I meant it in a more heart felt way)

Love Your Friends. Lucy.