I Went To Cornwall To Visit My Auntie.

My family is quite unusual in the fact that my parents are older than most others. Meaning that the rest of my family is a lot older. My Auntie is 83 years old and went to visit her because she’s unwell. She has been diagnosed with Dementia. My Grandad had dementia so I’ve been through this before but its still hard.

During this visit we did the usual Cornish outings; Trago Mills, pub lunch, sea side walk etc. My Auntie was able to physically to keep up with us which means that physically she’s ok but with Dementia this can be a bad thing. But she has nurses who see her every morning and evening to give her her medication and help her with other things, meals on wheels so she doesn’t have to cook and eats ones a day for definite. Her next door neighbour is also really great as she cleans my aunties house for her and is just a friend for her. She goes to a day care centre too. There are lots of help out there for those who need it whatever finical situation their in. The best place i found for all this was the age UK website and is how I helped get my Auntie to her day centre.

With Dementia your essentiallyΒ watching someone stop being them and you can’t help. My Auntie is an exceptional person she’s what you might define as a character. She’s mad and has always been. I remember her talking to herself in the kitchen in such an in-depth argument that I just backed out the room slowly. She’s an amazingly odd person with so many stories, she’s had 4 husbands all die from cancer and no kids, she’s ran her own dairy farm and had TB. The one thing I will also remember her for and is her character is; that whatever happens you can get through it and come out the other side. Because even if you lose someone something of them sticks with you.

Keep Going. Lucy