Cleaning Out My Room

Due to the stress of Uni my room was a mess and just had so much stuff that I didn’t need to keep in it but because I was stressed just let it pile up. As its Spring Break at Uni it seems the best time to do a spring clean. To clean out everything in my room, to cleanse, to get rid of everything I didn’t need.

This surprisingly was very therapeutic clearing out everything from the last two years. I advice everyone to do this. I ended up throwing away three bags of rubbish and bag of clothes for a charity shop.

But whats even nicer is just siting on my bed now looking around my room and seeing it in order, that feeling of relief that your physical life is in order. Having your environment in a tidy state helps your mentality and mind set to be more productive and clam, its Fung Shui or something.

After cleansing my room I’ve already been productive I’ve cleaned the bathroom, done some university work and applied for work experience. Having a clean room really does help. Hopefully this continues…

Please Keep Your Room Clean. Lucy.