Happy Birthday Kim!

At the weekend I went out for my friends Birthday. We went to Tyger Tyger in Piccadilly which I had never been before and don’t think I would go to again if it was without the VIP booth. The actual club is a classic leering men who try anything to get with you. But because it was my friends birthday we got a VIP booth which was amazing. We got a free bottle of champagne, 3 bottles of win, nibbles and to dance in the VIP part.

I need a whole paragraph for the nibbles because they were insane. I thought it would be some lame peanuts like you got a kids parties but oh my god it was so much more. We got breaded chicken, BBQ ribs, calamari, garlic bread, nachos and amazing guacamole. We dived in and devoured it in seconds. Glorious!

Being in the VIP part meant we could keep all the stuff there in a safe place and had a place to sit if we wanted. But the best part of the night was when Up Town Funk came on and we all lost our shit. However, I had two instances with major fuck boys. The first I was walking by a guy who dived in front of me to stop me walking and said “hi baby lets dance” to which I replied “no”. Just no, nothing more and walked away. The second I was looking for my friend in the club and a man grabbed me by the arms and said “where you going don’t you want to dance?”. I replied with the polite and simple answer of “fuck off”.


I had such a great night because I was on a good drunk level, was a happy drunk and had fun. To end the night we got McDonalds and eat it in bed. True luxury.

Remember To Have Fun Sometimes. Lucy.