Finding A Good Horror Film

This can be hard, I find you have to trail through lots of bad horror films to find the gems. This is a gem. Hush is about a woman who lives in a cabin in the woods with a psychopath trying to kill her, sounds familiar, but this woman is deaf.


The reason I love this film is because they show how a disability doesn’t mean you can’t achieve something, it shows how a disability can be an advantage. It also shows how films can include disable characters with out it being a token character. I think because my mum was deaf (until I was 10 she was deaf and now is half deaf) I loved seeing a deaf character thrive. But because she is deaf she doesn’t ever hear him coming making it more frightening for the audience as we are as oblivious to the knowledge of the killers whereabouts as her.

They also were able to use technology in the horror format well. By the killer stealing her phone and texting her Mac from her iPhone. This was inventive and instantly creepy for me. They also use FaceTime well with the person she calls saying there is something behind her.


The reason I love this film is because it reinvented a classic horror genre of a cabin in the woods and made it scary and fun again. I don’t want to spoil the film but I highly recommend it and love how her disability is used positively to great gore, jump scare and tension.

This Is Why I Love Film. Lucy.