Creepy, Tense and Heart Warming.

I picked this book up after hearing that it was written by Marzia Bisognin a YouTuber I watch especially because it is a horror book. Don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything for you as the plot twists are great.

This book created tension overall well by having conventional horror jump scares. As the whole book is from the point of view of Amethyst you don’t know where she is or what is happening like her and so creates more tension for the reader.


The story moves well with several plot twists to keep this conventional story fresh and interesting. Some of the actually writing was dull at times but as its the writers second language and her debut novel I think its ok as the overall plot is engaging and creative.

The format is interesting too as instead of chapters it was set in days which is good to set a timeline.


As I read this I visualised it as a Coraline inspired animation, creepy and haunting.

If you like tension and creepy atmosphere your love this book. Highly recommend.

Dreams Can Become Nightmares. Lucy.