Yep, I Watched.

We’ve all seen it on Netflix, that weird film about a woman with teeth in her virgina. So I thought fuck it I’ll watch it. You know what, it’s not that bad. Yes you see a bloody penis on the floor which is clearly an uncooked sausage but thats not that bad.


This film is about a woman having teeth in her virgina. But the reason I enjoyed this film is because it gave a feminist, empowering women message with out being obvious. It commented on being able to see a women’s body in films all the time but never mens. It also commented on the fact it took a woman with teeth in her virgina who bit penis’ off when sex was not consensual for men to understand rape and consent.

It took a vulnerable girl who was not confident in herself of sexually and made her become proud of herself. It truly was inspiring. Yes its quiet gory, yes it has lots of creepy men in it, yes they get what they deserve. The tag line for the film is “every rose has its thorns” which I am living for. I think it captures the film so well and is my new slogan for myself. “Lucy a rose with thorns”. I love it! It’s like your beautiful and delicate but if you cross me I’ll cut you. Overall I highly recommend it.

Every Rose Has It’s Thorns. Lucy.