There’s A New Genre Of Horror Films

*Spoilers* If You Don’t Want To Be Spoiled For The Plot Twist Then Watch The Film Then Read This

The Boy is a classic creepy film with a twist. It has everything you think there will be and more. There’s the classic horror child character with a creepy innocent voice, an old house and things moving mysteriously.


One of the main reasons I like this film is because none of the characters are incredibly annoying that most horrors have. You actually like the main character, Greta (why does this name make her sound like a German Milk Maid?), I think you like her because she had an abusive ex-boyfriend and so want better for her. Maybe thats just me.

Not only is there the creepy china doll she has to look after like its a child but she starts to think she’s going made when the doll starts to move. I love this because in a lot of horror films people in it never question whats happening but she actually does. I know for a fact I would leave that house straight away, fuck everything I’m gone. But then again I wouldn’t be able to see the massive plot twist.


Here’s the spoiler. The doll isn’t actually moving by itself what actually happened is the parents of the doll had a son who died but he didn’t actually die he lives in-between the walls of the house which I LOVE!! I love this tread in Horror films, I think its so creepy and eerie because it could be true in old houses. The son is now 28 years old but still has the voice of an 8 year old which creeps the fuck out of me. But he clearly has a mind of a 28 year old as he made a replicaΒ of the Nanny which feels like some sexual fetish. But whats even worse is that the son is wearing a china mask like the doll and you never see his actual face.

I love this new horror trend, I call it a trend but only one other film has done anything like this that I’ve seen which is Housebound. The reason I love this idea is because as a child I thought there was someone living in my loft above my room and would hate going up there in the dark as the light switch was right at the end of the room. I still to this day hear things up there. I also love this as it means that the characters get stuck in tight path ways running from the monster, not knowing where their going but the monster does. I reminds me of mazes or caves as its claustrophobic and dark too.

I’m really excited to see this genre grow and hope it does. Are there any films like this you know of that I should check out?

Are You Really Home Alone? Lucy.