This Was A Good Week After So Many Bad Ones.

After everything that happened ( I needed a good week and this was the week.

Firstly I got to go to London for the evening and after not living there for 3 months an not being about to leave the house this was amazing freedom. My parents came with me to meet my best friend’s family from America who were visiting. This was amazing as she always talks about them but I never could meet them and nearly couldn’t when their actually in the country. This was lovely as her Mum (or Mom as she’s American) gave my friend and myself a little gifted and card to say thank you for looking after and being my friends family her. This was touching and nice to her as we are a little family. This was also great as I got to eat food from a restaurant that I haven’t been able to and had prosecco so got drunk immediately.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.09.50

After this I got an email from a company saying they really liked what I was writing here and could I write for them. This was great for many reasons but mainly because of everything with not graduating and not being able to get a job as I’m not well enough, I felt like I wasn’t good enough and doubted my abilities, this helped a lot. They also said they would help me develop as a writer which I’m excited about as I get to write whatever I want and be me with guidance. You can find all my posts here:

On my birthday day I went to see Ghostbuster which I feel in love with. I think it’s an incredibly film and will write a whole blog post about it because it needs it’s own space. I then went out for dinner with my family as a celebration of me getting better and eating.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.15.38.png

For the final part of my birthday all my friends traveled to my house, from London and Southampton, to eat pizza, drink Pimms and play Cluedo. This was amazing as not only was it nice weather but I saw all my friends and laughed so much which I hadn’t done in so long. Thank you all for coming, it helped.

All my friends and family were very generous and I’m grateful for them and the gifts.

Here are some the items I was gifted and I love them. All these books I’m excited to read, the backpack is super cute but weird looking in the photo, the Soap and Glory set smells great and really helps your skin. The mirror heart dish looks pretty and looks great with pretty earrings, rings, bracelet and watch (it’s a Casio). Finally I got this Revolution platte which looks so gorgeous, their matts and shimmer shades from nudes to darks everything you want and in the prettiest of colours and has great pigmentation.

I feel a lot better because this week makes you realise how grateful I am for everyone around me and how they help me. I’m so glad I made it to my 21st birthday and could celebrate it, even if it’s with less alcohol then it may be should of.

Thank You. Lucy.