I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!

 Reboots are usually eye roll worthy, such as Total Recall and RoboCop but Ghostbusters was amazing. I don’t care what the fuckboi’s on the internet say, it was more than a reboot with women and here’s why. Don’t worry this is spoiler free.

There’s a new plot, I was worried they would just copy the previous film but it was new and interesting. With three doctors as main characters the only jokes made at them are about their job not their gender. The other main character is a subway worker who, no matter what country the film is set, are shown to be unhelpful, not passionate and generally note nice people whereas Patty is a ray of sunshine and enjoys what she does and the passengers are the arse-hats.

Jillian (Kate McKinnon) is so excited to make gadgets and excited about technology and science which is rare to see in a female scientist role. Especially seeing Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and Jillian being so excited about their work whereas women are usually seen as stressed and not enjoying their work.

This film never makes fun of people’s appearance in any way; not their clothes, body type, appearance anything. They weren’t made out to be attractive or unattractive they were just supposed to be accepted by the audience as they were, as they should.

The reversal of the dumb blond stereotype in films with Chris Hemsworth playing the dumb blond secretary.This was funny and rehearsing as it felt like an in joke for all women.

Women in fight scenes are usually just objects for men to desire them, they’re beautiful and untouched. These women got to be ugly, gritty and rough it was so cool! The choreography was really stunning allowing for everyones abilities and made me want to fight with them.

The references where very cleverly done and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. How they involved the old cast, the little jokes about comments on the website and not to listen to them basically calling out all the Fuckboi’s. The comedy is generally incredible due to actors, writing and direction.



No romantic subplot what so ever. The only “romantic” aspect at all was Erin (Kristen Wiig) fancying Christ Hemsworth which isn’t mean objectifying it’s humours, laughing at both of them. The romantic love plot is between the women and love for each other; a real love story.

If Jillian isn’t a lesbian I’m going to kill someone. I think it’s such an important character and representation and would love the character of her girlfriend too. Also there are theories that Abby is on the asexual spectrum which would be amazing to see on screen.


Jillian’s character is generally my favourite because of everything I’ve said and because she’s the type of character I would of been obsessed with when I was little. I would of made a DIY costume and run around the house pretending to be her and saving the world from ghosts.

I hope now that more films are made like this now because of this film. More women, more funny women, more beautiful funny women, more diverse beautiful funny women.

Let’s Keep Writing Great Women. Lucy.