Strange Things Are Happening.

The latest Netflix original series is Stranger Things by the Duffer Brothers. This is one of my new favourites, even though the concept and era isn’t original it feels new and yet familiar, making you want to watch it even more. Don’t worry this is SPOILER FREE!

Firstly the opening titles are something special in themselves, I like having opening titles that set the mood for the film or TV you’re about to watch, it’s tense and classic 80s.

stranger things titles (1)

I love anything spooky (spoopy) and this has all the spooky you want. They’ve cleverly filmed the monster so you don’t see the monster straight away building tension. Two elements make these scenes tense, the first is the music. It uses 80s synth music to create tension, every time it started playing I fist pumped the air with excitement. The other element was the acting as its the actors reaction to the monster that makes it more tense and suspenseful for the audience. The acting is wonderful from everyone in it, this is a classic Winona Ryder performance and think she carries some scenes because her acting is so good. The children are also all really great, it’s hard to find serious child actors but they really accomplished it. The cast as whole is quiet diverse in women’s appearance having women of different body sizes and types and young girls with shaved heads who are shown to be pretty even though their beauty is different to what is seen as the “norm”. Though I will say this is only shown in white women.

The references to the classic 80s movies especially Spielberg films were really great and helped with the plot. These references include E.T and Aliens. Setting this film in the 80s is challenging any way as some of the best films ever made and so using these references helped the plot and uses them to engage and lift the plot.

Fashion in this was inspiring. I want the 80s hair curls, the high waisted acid wash jeans and big clear framed glasses. Just some really good shit.

The ending (I’m not going to spoil it) is part surprising part satisfying part meh. I liked but didn’t like it, but I think it’s because it wasn’t a clear and clean ending and so really needs a second season.

The metaphor for abuse and escaping it from a child’s point of view was a really nice theme as it shows her taking time to over come it.


As a lover of 80s movies I think its great, if you’re not I think you will still like and enjoy Stranger Things but may be not as much. There’s something magical about these types of films and TV shows, something real but not, something a little fantasy, it’s clearly fiction in the real world. That’s why I’m so passionate about these films.

Strange Things In This World. Lucy.