What Do I Do Now?

I recently moved out of my university house in London and back to my parents’ house. I had to move back home (recap: injured in car crash) but moving everything out was tough. Mainly because I didn’t realise how much crap I had accumulated over the 2 years but it’s an end of an era too.

It’s the end of drinking on a week night and having the next day to allow yourself to be hungover and wallow in your own filth, regret and mistakes, or making yourself go to uni hungover and learn because your young and your body just has to accept your mistakes.

It’s the end of being able to learn and create in an environment where you can make mistakes and doesn’t cost too much.

It’s the end of being able to make films on budget from the money you got from your student loan.

It’s the end of cheap drinking in the SU bar in London.

It’s the end of stress, long nights and continuous laughter with your m8’s.

It’s the end of being a complete mess and people not minding.

So what am I supposed to now?

Do I move back to London? Do I travel? Do I work? Do I write?

Well I’ve decided to do all of them because a years a long time and things can change very quickly and have no control over it. I’m going to move back to London when I’m well enough, I’m going to travel, I’m going to work (werk) and I’m going to write.

If I’ve learnt anything from nearly dying and recovery, its to do what you want to do and don’t worry about how long it takes because TIME’S NOT REALLY. No I’m joking, time helps solve and heal so don’t struggle, go with it.

Though I say all this but I don’t actually graduate, because I had to defer, until November so the real adult panic starts then. Btw I’m graduating with a first *applause* thanks for the imaginary praise, I really did earn it.

50 Years Old Is When I’ll Know What I’m Kind Of Doing. Lucy.