The Literary Genius Of Our Generation!

I love everything R. L. Stine, I consume his work in different mediums, been to events and read many books.

Firstly I’ll start with his classic books; Goosebumps the original 62 I’m talking about. These use classic horror techniques and characters with funny moments and amazing cliffhanger chapter breaks. These include; it was all a dream, the dark shadow was just my cat on my face and I didn’t die I just went to sleep. These are the perfect books for kids because your supposed to scare yourself as a kid and not be able to sleep a night, its all about growing up or I just mentally scarred myself. These books all have sudden plot twist on the last page of the book which you weren’t expecting making them generally good and unique piece of literature. But what makes these books so amazing are the funny little lines R. L. Stine wrote about an annoying sibling or a parent which makes you roll your eyes and laugh out loud. I recommend Shocker On Shock Street, Night Of Living Dummy 2 and The Haunted Mask.

Fear Street is a more adult version of Goosebumps more for teens but I love reading it now. These are similar to Goosebumps but you can argue are scarier because they’re based around real life monsters and villains making them plausible as their more human. These are also funny mainly because their teenagers in the books and so have funny teenage problems and thoughts. I recommend The New Girl and The Surprise Party.

The TV show is a gift; I’ll be honest some episodes are trash but some are so camp and scary that they deserve awards. The child acting can range from great to terrible, the music goes from scary to comical and the plots go from genius to ridiculous. There’s a scale to these episodes but its worth while to watch bad ones with friends for entertainment. I recommend The Haunted Mask , Stay Out Of The Basement and The Night Of The Living Dummy 2.

I listen to a Goosebumps podcast called Welcome To Deadcast due to my friend Ally. This has brought me to tears of laughter and having to stop the podcast because I was laughing too much to hear what they were saying. I used to listen to them on the bus to uni but had to stop as I looked like a bad women. This podcast is hosted by The Terror Twins (Matthew and Daniel Scott Montgomery) who have such an extensive knowledge of Goosebumps and passion that even if you don’t or haven’t read the books you will want to listen to this podcast anyway. They’ve made it impossible for me to say “about” without saying it in a Canadian accent and felt nostalgic for the 90’s even though I was born in 95. I highly recommend listing to Stay Out Of The Basement, The Haunted Mask, The Movie episode and A Night In Terror Tower.

Goosebumps Alive was an event held in London in April or a live interactive show. When we got there, there was Goosebumps themed frozen cocktails which is always a good start to a night. I had the monster’s blood cocktail with triple sec, tequila, vodka and blackberries. I loved it and it was strong so I was ready for the night.

You follow your group animal leader, I was a snake, to each set where a Goosebumps book is performed. Even this built tension as the person you follow has a cloth mask on and can only see their eyes, as you walk through black and white stripped corridors that change in size.

Each story had amazing sets, great acting, tense music and an overall plot all connecting each together. My favourites where The Haunted Mask, Say Cheese and Die, One Day in Horrorland and Night of The Living Dummy 2. They all were set today instead of the 90s which was very clever and still had that 90s fun. In One Day in Horrorland it felt like a Tim Burton theatre piece as the host sang “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” which was dark and twisted and became a repetitive theme to the show.

Overall R. L. Stine started my love of horror as a kid and has continued it now. I don’t care if you think your too old for it now, trust me your not.

Stay Spooky. Lucy