What I Do Best.

My guilty pleasure is very close to my heart and is something I do every day… ANNOY PEOPLE. I love it, but not annoying people to anger but to the point of eye rolling or sighing or side eye responses. They give me so much life and I find it so funny. Here are my fav ways to annoy people, please fill free to try these at home;

  1. Being overly sarcastic on the wrong words. THAT’S not annoying AT all.
  2. Rolling my eyes at people and looking disgusted at them for no reason. Friend: Lucy you look nice. Me: *look disgusted* #comedy
  3. Make up relatively normal facts to see if people believe me. Did you know that they’re making a Monopoly movie with Channing Tatum and Meryl Streep in it.
  4. Not believing what people say. Friend: I got an A. Me: No you didn’t
  5. Doing weird walks in public places – works best on my Mum
  6. Patting my cat a little too hard so she gets crazy eyes
  7. Hitting the horn whilst someone is parked to annoy the driver – I don’t do this whilst people drive because I’m not an arsehole
  8. Saying “no” people. Friend: Do you like this dress? Me: No
  9. Pointing and shouting “look at that dog” at every dog I see
  10. When I see animals (cats, squirrels, birds etc) in public I say loudly “what type of dog is that”

My personal favourite:

11. When someone takes a bit of food make a loud and obnoxious “taking a bit noise” and chewing noises- simple but effective

These are completely harmless but give the best responses, once someone swore at me for the last- my proudest moment.

Remember to have fun, even if its something small. Lucy.