Yep, More Favourites

This time it’s my favourite TV shows, these are mostly comedies and some drama. I find I watch a lot of comedy TV, maybe because 20 minutes of comedy is usually better quality than some comedy movies but also it means I can watch 3 episodes in an hour. I advice you to watch them. Highly recommend. 11/10.


20. The Worst Witch (1998-2001, Jill Murphy)

This was my favourite as a child, it’s about a witch boarding school. I thought I was going to that school when I was 12… I was mistaken.

19. Black Mirror (2016-present, Charlie Brooker)

This is a great British dystopian anthology series of “what if” futures. They’re cruel realistic futures that make you scared.

18. Vicar of Dibley (1994-2007, Richard Curtis, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Paul Mayhew-Archer)

This was the first show I watched with a funny plus size woman who wasn’t laughed at for her size. She was proud of who she was and had many romantic partners and was a Vicar. She was the first female Vicar in this village and was proving herself to a load of white straight men. Some great shit.

17. Community (2009-2015, Dan Harmon)

Community uses creativity to create comedy. It uses different forms (stop-motion, live action) different genres (zombie apocalypse, western) to great comedy all set at a community collage. The characters are all developed so well that means there’s feeling in there too, instead of poo jokes all the time.

16. Extras (2005-2007, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)

Extras uses media representation of celebrates to create comedy. Ross Kemp as a really tough guy and Orlando Bloom thinking he’s the hottest person on the planet.

15. Gotham (2014- present, Bruno Heller)

This creates really great back stories of famous characters when they were younger. The acting is great especially in the second season and has a developing story line that never feels like there are filler episodes. Even though there are lots of characters it’s done so well that you care for all of them and engages you into the show, Avengers should take note.

14. The Great British Bake Off (2010- present)

This is just lovely all of the contestants are so nice to each other and is great to see on TV instead of people being so competitive and mean. Also there’s so much innuendo.

13. The Office USA (2005-2013, Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)

Talking about innuendo, The Office USA made famous “that’s what she said” line. At any time of the year I could be watching this. I’ve watched it so many times because it makes me laugh every time.

12. The Office UK (2001-2003, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)

I know some people don’t like the original but I think it’s because its so realistic some people don’t understand it as comedy. I think the original is better because not only does it make me laugh but it made me cry and feel so much more the USA version which felt more forced with emotion.

11. Scream Queens (2015-present, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy)

I love this for the right and wrong reasons. Right: fashion, dialogue and aesthetic. Wrong: moments (or full episodes) of lost narrative and nonsense. Watch it with friends because it’s so funny and dumb sometimes you can’t help but laugh.

10. The Walking Dead (2010- present, Frank Darabont)

I love zombie movies and this is a great zombie thriller showing it over time which hasn’t really happened before. However I do agree that some series lost me and where stupid at times and you can’t ever get attached to characters because they will die. Though it does shock me which a lot of TV writing doesn’t do any more.

9. Arrested Development (2003- 2013, Mitchell Hurwitz)

The characters in this is what makes it funny. It’s a dysfunctional family so every one can relate to it. The dialogue is genius and they use editing to so well to show flashbacks to create comedy.

8. Bates Motel (2013- present, Anthony Cipriano, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin)

I’ve just finished watching season four and was my favourite season. It has great writing that you don’t ever know where it’s going to do. There are so many characters I care for in it and don’t want anything to happen to them that it causes me a lot of anxiety whilst watching it.

7. Friday Night Diner (2011-present, Robert Popper)

I watch this sitcom over and over again. I quote it nearly daily. It’s just about a families Friday night’s dinner but so weird and funny. The Dad in it is the best representation of a British Dad I’ve ever seen which makes me laugh so much.

6. Orange Is The New Black (2013-present, Jenji Kohan)

This is just acting and casting done right. It’s a great diverse cast and characters who all have developed stories and lives that make you so attached to them.

5. Bob’s Burgers (2011- present, Jim Dauterive and Loren Bouchard)

Something else I watch all the time. I don’t have one favourite character they’re all so incredibly funny and heart warming.

4. Jessica Jones (2015-present, Melissa Rosenberg)

Marvel doing it right for once. Great creative presentation of panic attacks and great writing that keep everything so great.

3. Stranger Things (2016-present, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer)

Everything I love about 80’s movies done so well. It’s adventure, sci-fi, action, comedy and romance. It’s dark and sweet with a kick ass soundtrack.

2. I.T Crowd (2006-2013, Graham Linehan)

I watch a lot of comedy again and again as if it’s truly funny it will make me laugh again and again. This definitely does, I love this unlike the Big Bang Theory because it’s actually funny, it’s not making fun of nerds or dumbing down their audience.

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009-present, RuPaul)

Yep my favourite is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I was trying to think of something I watch more but there wasn’t. I’ve seen each season 3 times and my favourite season 6 times. I quote it on a daily bases. It’s comedy, heart, diversity and fun, it takes people who wouldn’t have air time on TV on other channels and highlights their art. Inspires and influences others positively so why wouldn’t I love it.

From looking at these I’ve found my favourites are all shows that make me happy through either characters, comedy or meaning, probably because you have to watch more running time of a TV show compared to films and so have more time to like and engage with the character. Also they’re just fun!

Sometimes You Have To Have Fun. Lucy.