I Went Back To London

After the car crash (https://lucytrieslife.wordpress.com/2016/06/24/my-car-crash/) I have been recovering at my parents home ever since (4 months) so when my friend invited me to birthday drinks in London, where I used to live, I HAD to go.

This was actually really scary for me, I hadn’t done anything independently since the crash so I would be traveling to London, staying there in a hotel and doing things with only my friends, I was nervous to say the least. I think it was because of the feeling of what if something bad happened and I was alone like before. But then I though “shut the fuck up Lucy” if you learnt anything from this experience is that everything is temporary and anything could happen so live your life. So I did it and I’m so glad I did.



I travelled to London and met my friend on the way, we stay in a hotel that night, just a Premier Inn nothing fancy. Then the night began, first trip to Nandos for some excellent cuisine then on to Zebrano on Carnaby Street for some cocktails at happy hour. It was a classic night out with the girls that I needed, but was in bed by midnight so I wasn’t too tired I couldn’t cope. Zebrano was nice and affordable cocktails at happy hour (£4.25), the music was a bit intense for cocktails but good for dancing.


The next day we met with my friend in London and had brunch at The Breakfast Club which has the best pancakes! Then onto the Hotel Elephant near Elephant and Castle station to see an exhibition by Amy Pennington for the Open Barbers a LGBT+ hairdressers. The exhibition was called Assuming Too Much and was about how hair can define you and Queer hair styles and how they are apart of your identity. I really enjoyed this exhibitions of illustrations and cardboard installation and would highly recommend to everyone.


Then I got too tired and had to go home. As I write this it’s the next day and I slept for 12 hours and my legs hurt like a motherfucker. I really enjoyed being back in London, it felt like nothing had changed and I was going back into my old life but at the same time everything was different. It’s made me want to live back in London even more and hopefully I will soon. I needed this, it’s taught me I can be me again and do what I want even if it hurts the next day.

Push Yourself To Try New Things, You might Surprise Yourself. Lucy.