Why Don’t You Love October?

I’m not a fan of summer, it’s hot and sweaty and not in a good way. That’s why I love Autumn it’s like Goldilocks; not too hot and not too cold. I can wear layers and look warm and cozy but stylish too. The colours of Autumn are also my favourite the colours of the leaves changing the deep rich colours we wear and it being a good temperature to wear all black in.


Though the main reason I love October is for HALLOWEEN! I am that person on Tumblr who reblogs something about Halloween in April. I can’t wait and now it’s October it means it’s time I can be social accepted to be in the Halloween spirit.

My American friend really got me into Halloween as it’s more of a Holiday in America. Though this year I’m on Holiday for Halloween so I’m doing it early. I’ve got the decorations up; classy and spooky is my theme this year. I have a sparkly tiny pumpkin to prove it. I got all my decorations from Asda and Poundland, it’s all about having the illusion of spending the big bucks.

I’ve brought Pumpkin Spiced Bailey’s to have in Hot Chocolates on an cozy Autumn night whilst watching Halloween films. My favourite type of films, Halloween films aren’t necessary scary horror films but are spooky. Don’t worry I’m going to make a whole post about them specifically. Halloween TV specials are also my favourite which I’ll also go into later.

Pumpkin Carving is so therapeutic I’ve quit going to my therapist. Last year I nailed it and carved Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, whilst my friends carved Scooby-Doo and Pepe. SoMe goOD loOKiNG pUMPkinS.

And let’s not forget all the Halloween sweets. Especially when its discounted.

Let’s Get Spooky. Lucy.