The Best Holiday Ever!

Due to my car crash my parents had to cancel our summer holiday which was supposed to be the last family holiday before I became an actual adult. So we went on a replacement holiday to Madeira.

This island is now one of my favourites; it has great food, the friendliest people even to tourists and I lived in London so know how we are to tourists, amazing landscapes and sun which is now unusual in the UK.

The day after arriving we went to the capital city Funchal and went on the cable car over the city to the mountains above. The view was amazing seeing the sea the, traditional terracotta roofs, forests and mountains. A couple of years ago they had a fire started by the hot weather and could see the trail of destruction from it but could also see all the trees regrowing and life continuing. They were Eucalyptus trees which regenerate after fires but also meant the air always smelt like Eucalyptus making it seem like a dream island that even smelt better.


Then once back down from the cable car we explored Funchal walking through the old city of quant streets and doors painted by different artist on the island. Then you head into the new town with all black and white buildings and tiled floors and a large park filled with trees from around the world. It’s a beautiful city with the backdrop of the mountains always in site.


The next day was my Dad’s birthday so celebrated by going on a tour of the west of the island where a lot of the beautiful nature of the island is. We visited a fishing island were it suddenly tipped it down with rain, we took shelter and waited it out. The island goes up to 5000ft above sea leave we went up to 4000ft into the misty mountains where its colder and greener making it seem like a completely different island. On our decent down the mountain you come out of mist to bright sunshine, it was something from Jurassic Park. We then went to the North of the country where they have black sand as it’s a volcanic country and blue sea making beautiful contrast. Finally we went to the highest cliff in Europe with a glass floor so you look straight down to the sea. It was very foggy so couldn’t see much but there were loads of dogs so it was worth while.

Next we decided to go on a boat trip to see dolphins that live near the island. The sea was a little choppy so some people were sick and loads of people at the front got soaking wet. But I was smug and got neither. We saw spotted dolphins jumps about 6ft out of the water; incredible.


The next couple of days we spent relaxing I read Neverwhere by Neil Giaman about a lad in a mystical underground version of London and listened to Lady Gaga’s new album on repeat. The hotel we stayed at had a spa with a Turkish bath which is a salt water pool where you float, the room was painted like the night sky and the ceiling had lights in it to look like stars. V relaxing.


The whole point of this holiday was to have a last family holiday but was also to see what I could do in a new environment to see how much I had recovered. Overall I did really well, I walked a lot on my ankle helping get better, but it did hurt on the plane and after walking for a long time. My digestion had had a bad day as it was new food and temperature for it to adapt to but after a day it was a lot better.

What i learnt from this trip was that Madeira is full of lovely people, food and nature. Pushing myself is good even if for a day it might be bad the next day will be better.

I filmed the trip so will be editing it together and will upload it soon too.

Adventure Time. Lucy