Graduating In Style

On Monday 28th November I finally graduated from University. I got a First Class degree in Contemporary Media Practice. My graduation was at The Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank of London. This was such a a good place to graduate it was beautiful part of London but Christmasy too.

Walking on to the stage I thought I would feel really nervous but I wasn’t, I felt proud and excited. They announced my name and that I got a First that felt great. I strutted on to stage as if I just won an argument and so eternally smug. My friends screamed in the guest area making me laugh and felt amazing.

I loved wearing the gown, I felt like I was in Harry Potter, I wanted to continue wearing it but had to give it back.

My friends, pictured below, decided to graduate with me instead of July due to my car crash ( ) This meant a lot and made the day even better I wasn’t there alone.

My Mum and Dad are just the God damn best, I can’t describe how much I love them or what I owe them. But the picture below really does capture the day perfectly; with people I love, doing what I do best; laughing.

The memesters; the pootz; really made my day. Shouting and screaming loudly for me on stage, making me laugh, drinking lots of alcohol and sharing the love.

After graduation we went to the R.S. Hispaniola for dinner. It’s on a boat opposite the London Eye and so had a great view of the sunset and lights. We had great cocktails and food, a weird selection of music making us laugh and the swaying of the boat making me want to sleep by the end.

After everything I went through it was nice reminder of where I’ve come and whats to come next. It was such a happy and fun day that I haven’t had recently that I will remember it forever as one of the best days of my life.

This Is One For The Memory Books. Lucy.