Christmas TV specials are always great, I watch them every year, the same episodes every year and I don’t get bored of them so if you like to get stuck in a routine like me then you’ll enjoy this list:

Bob’s Burgers

I can’t chose which one is my favourite, they’re all so funny and original tales but also heart warming lik Christmas episodes always do and they get me EVERY TIME!

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

One of the best adaptations od A Christmas Carol, makes me laugh every time and now makes me miss Rowan Atkinson in comedy.

The Office UK

This maybe my favourite Christmas special of all time, it makes me cry every time and has real feelings in a show that doesn’t feel forced.

The Office US

These are completely different from the UK Office there’s less feels but more goofs, gaffs and laffs.

The Vicar Of Dibley 

OH MY GOD (literally) I lOOOOvVvvvEEeEEEEEe Vicar of Dibley and the Christmas episode always comes to mind especially when she eats 3 Christmas dinners in one day and ends up crawling on the floor, I miss it so much.


The Community specials are always creative especially as there is a stop motion episode making it usual and different for a sitcom.

Doctor Who

This is a tradition in my house to watch it every Christmas day (though in last couple of years they have been SHIT) but the best one is the one with David Tennant, Sarah-Jane Smith and John Barrowman is amazing, go watch that one.

Wallace and Gromit shorts

Another British classic that I’ve watched since a small poot and warms my cold heart every time.

Hope this gives you ideas of how to procrastinate but stay festive

Merry Buttmas. Lucy.