Merry Buttmas!

Christmas at my house is always a quiet and relaxing day filled with food and drink, my two favourite things in life.


It always starts with a cup of tea and my brother and me opening our stockings from “santa”. My brother is 28 and I’m 21 and my Mum still does a stockings for use because its “tradition”. I’m not complaining they’re just filled with chocolatey goodness. Then on to family gifts, this yeah as I’m poor and unemployed I asked for things I can’t justify buying as their not essential so things like books and curlers. I took my parents to see “The Play That Goes Wrong” in London and it was one of the funniest plays I’ve seen and advise you to go see it or watch “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” which is it’s sister show and is on TV in the UK on New Years Day. I also dressed my cat as an elf, as picture above, she hated it but loves me so puts up with me.

After gifts I finally get dressed and my uncle comes over and I help my Mum cooking, usually by pouring her a glass of wine. My Dad and myself usually create a drinking game for the day between us either drink when someone says something or get drunk without people knowing your drinking. This year’s game was drink every time my Mum mutters to herself and my brother falls asleep. We gave up after Christmas Dinner as we drank too much too fast.

Dinner was GLORIOUS but my bowels did not agree so had some very lovely Christmas diarrhoea. After dinner we played Cluedo and drank baileys like sophisticated beings we are.

Every year we watch Chicken Run and every year I fall asleep through it and have NEVER in all my 21 years seen the ending. I’ve tried so hard in the past not to fall asleep but alas every year it happens and now it feels wrong to watch the ending. This year I feel asleep 10 minutes in and really failed.

We don’t watch the Doctor Who series anymore as it’s trash but we have a tradition to always watch the Christmas special so we did and it was terrible.

After that my parents watch the soaps specials which makes me giggle as their soooooo unnecessary dramatic.

My uncle then goes home and we all go to bed. After a manic year, this day was necessary and it was perfect to be with my family with no arguments no worries just peace.

Enjoy The Quiet Times. Lucy.