The Only Guide You A-Z Guide Of Nicolas Cage You Will Need


A– Arquette, when he met Patricia Arquette he proposed to her straight away, she played along and gave him a list of things to do before she would say yes but when he started doing them she avoided him. Many years later they met again and went on to marry

B– Body, he has a tattoo of a lizard with a top hat and cane on his back as to “claim my own body”

C– China loves Nicolas, in fact they gave him best global actor in a motion picture award

D– Diets, he only eats animals that are “dignified” when they have sex

E– Ethan Hawke praised Cage writing that “he’s the only actor since Marlon Brando that’s actually done anything new with the art of acting”

F–  Fudgesicle, he was once woken up by a naked homeless man standing over him eating a fudgesicle

G– Germany, he brought a Castle in Germany

H– Hurricane Katrina, he donated $1 millions to the victims

I– Identity, he changed his name from Nicolas Coppola to Cage as he thought his surname would hinder his career

J– Joe, on the set of Joe he asked to hold a venomous snake to “calm my nerves”

K– Kal-el, he named his son Superman’s Kryptonain name

L– Louis, his cat he did Magic Mushrooms with

M– Mime, he once had a stalker who was a mime

N– “Nouveau Shamantic”, is what he calls his acting techniques

O– Octopus, he brought one as a pet to “help with his acting”

P– Pyramid in New Orleans that he has for when he dies

Q– Questionable acting choices that have been described as “having two speeds: intense and intenser” by critics

R– Recognisable, he found that all great movie stars have recognisable voices so changes his voice in every film

S– Superman, he’s a massive comic book fan and brought an original Superman comic which he called “the single best investment I have ever made” but was then stolen in 2000

T– Teeth, he got two teeth pulled out to feel the same pain as his character

U– UN Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice

V– Voodoo Child, produced a comic with his son called Voodoo Child

W– Wedding, Johnny Ramone was his best man at his wedding to Lisa Marie Presley

Si-X-th- chapter of his biography 1998 is called Jimmy Stewart From Mars

Y- Yachts, he blows huge sums of money on yachts, castles, a jet, an island and a T-rex skull but had to sell some as he went bankrupt

Z– Zoo, brought a two headed snake for protection and later donated it to New Orleans Zoo

Keep On Cageing. Lucy.