New Year Resolutions

Instead of a list of broad resolutions which lets be honest I probably won’t ever complete, I’m going to do a “To Do” list this year of specific things I want to achieve this year:


Start a monthly book post and monthly film post, where I review what I’ve read and watched that month

Read 24 books this year, that doesn’t like a lot but that’s 2 a month and for someone who is dyslexic it’ll be a nice challenge.

Watch every Nicolas Cage film, I said I would do this in 2016 but I failed miserably but 2017 I’m determined to achieve it

Write 2 posts a week, I tried to do this, this year but I couldn’t keep it up near the end so I’m going to start a new

Write creatively whether it be script or story on a weekly basis

Complete online course on scriptwriting

Go to the theatre and live shows more, I went twice this year and missed the experience

Go to Amsterdam preferable on 20th April (420)

Go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights

Go to Edinburgh

Visit my friends in Liverpool

Travel somewhere on my own

Be more active and swimming and yoga to my routine to help with my physiotherapy

To not be unemployed

Get better: continue with physiotherapy and concealing for PTSD

Though remember life is unpredictable and so if these things don’t come true it go with the change.

Time Isn’t Real So This List Is Irrelevant. Lucy.