New Year New Bowel Movements

My New Year’s was a really good night full of memes, drinks, dancing, sparklers and fun people.


My housem8’s and myself went to a friends house party we went there last year too so its becoming a reoccurrence.

The night was filled with Prosecco seeing in the new year in right. We put the fireworks on the TV and counted down hand in hand ready for Old Lang Syne singing at the top of our lungs. Then it was on to sparklers like little children.

For the next 3 hours we danced to George Micheal, Bowie and 80’s classics going all out dancing, just straight up enjoying myself and not caring. About 3 we left to go home and on the way to get the bus I throw up water I had drank, in the street. I felt like a proper Londoner and kind of proud of myself.

We stayed awake long enough to see the first 4:20 of the year wishing all our friends a merry 420 then went to sleep.

Overall it was a night I’ve been needing of fun and dancing; just enjoying myself

Remember To Enjoy Yourself This Year. Lucy.