2016 Is A Year To Remember

Last year I did a recap of my year post (https://lucytrieslife.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/my-view-of-2015/) and so thought it only right to do one for 2016 the weirdest most fucked up year of my life so far.


January was a literal continuation of 2015, I was still doing Nora’s World work; rehearsals and location scouting. I really enjoyed these parts of filmmaking, they were fun to do but especially with Kim and Megan (Nora’s Angels). Making this film with anyone else would of been so wrong and incredibly glad I got to do it with them


The day finally came and we filmed Nora’s World, this was stressful, aggravating, painful, fun and glorious thing I’ve ever done. Yes it didn’t go to plan, yes it could of gone better but I don’t care it was a great experience and one I will never forget.

I was also 1st Assistant Director on my friends film SAM another great experience especially as the set was less stressful than mine but it was a role I hadn’t done before and think I rose to the challenge.


March was a busy time filled with reshoots for Nora’s World causing some stress and taking my Mum and Dad to Harry Potter tour for her Mother’s Day gift.

The highlight of March was the wrap party for Nora’s World and SAM it was such a crazy, fun night and everyone enjoyed themselves making it more enjoyable knowing people were happy.


I also went to Cornwall to visit my Auntie who has dementia, it’s always a hard one dementia sometimes the sufferer is ok and seems like them and then it goes she seemed stable though. My Dad and myself enjoyed the trip, when I was little I used pose (as soon in the photo below) to embarrass my Mum and have decided to bring it back.



April started great with my friends and I going to see Goosebumps Alive, a underground live event about Goosebumps. It was creepy and fun and everything you want from Goosebumps.

Editing was a major factor of what we were doing at University as our deadline was the next month. We also got a poster done for the film by a great illustrator called Charlie Dixon, who designed this amazing poster which I can’t still believe is for a film I made.


I gave blood which now is even more important for me, if you are ever in the situation when you need a blood transfusion hopefully they would have blood to do it there and then.

It was also my friends Kim’s birthday and had one of the best nights out, it was so fun and wish to have more like this.



May is where everything changed. It started normally, we handed in our film and all work with it. The feeling was great but scary as I hand no idea what I was going to do after University. We continued improving the film even after the deadline, we did ADR and continued editing a bit to make it cleaner until we were happy with it.


I had two week left at University that weekend I decided to go to Belgium with my friend who was going with work and could bring someone along so as a poor student I obviously said yes to a free holiday. For the rest of May I was in a hospital in Belgium, after a bad car crash. I was trapped in the car and had to be cut out, I was unconscious, had emergency surgery on my intestines, high on morphine, then weak and in bed until I was sent back home to continue recovery. Plus I don’t know French so it was a really fun time.

Whilst in hospital I couldn’t concentrate on anything so had my Mum respond to messages for me, my University lecturer said I could still complete University if I skyped with them in hospital and I was up for it. I thought I was absolutely fine and could easily finish University. I was so determined and positive that it all seemed ok to me. Then it suddenly one day hit me, everything that had happened and realised I wasn’t going to finish University after all that work, I nearly died, it was life threatening and the only time I realised this was when others were upset about it, especially my Mum. I was more upset about how it affected others than myself as I didn’t want them to be upset over me. I wrote a full post about this here : https://mytrendingstories.com/article/the-car-crash/ and a 6 months later post: https://mytrendingstories.com/article/6-months-later/

When I got home I sat and cried whilst cuddling my cat uncertain for anything about my future.


I spent the whole month lying on a sofa recovering, watching films, playing my brothers xbox, watching TV and doing things to stimulate my brain as I wasn’t using my cognitive and so finding it hard to concentrate. I was reading, knitting, doing puzzles that kind of thing. One of the main things that kept me going was my friends constantly visiting me.

In June there was a screening of my film for my University course degree show, I really wanted to go but didn’t think I would. My Dad made sure I did though, he got a taxi up to central London and back so I didn’t have to walk as my ankle hurt a lot. I had a cane to help me walk, I looked like Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes. As soon as I saw my friends I was trying to hold back tears, it was bizarre seeing them as University seemed such a long time ago another life time almost. I was so happy to be out of the house, with my friends and parents seeing something I made with an audience.


I find this photo from that night so uncomfortable as I look so uncomfortable and I was. I didn’t know who I was anymore, emotionally and physically. I don’t think I even look like myself, I look like a completely different person who is obviously trying to be better for other people.


For the month after the crash I was on a controlled and boring diet that made me so sad as I love to eat! Then just before my birthday the doctor said I could eat anything.  MIRACLE!!

Myself and my best friend share the same birthday and her family (from America) were in the UK for her graduation. This was a bitter sweet time as I was so proud and happy for my other friends who were graduating and having a great time but sad I wasn’t there with them. I was still finishing my final module which luckily was a straightforward essay format, online hand in and could take my time with it. But as her family were here I really wanted to meet them and so we all went out for dinner in London with them, it was a great time as I could eat what I wanted and had a “normal” evening out like I used to have, until I got tired and had to go home.


I had all my friends at my house for my birthday, it was everything I wanted as it was a chill day with my m8s that I hadn’t had. I turned 21 and became an “adult” but didn’t feel like it as my parents were having to look after me.


Near the end of July my cat became very ill and almost died, this shock me, she helped me so much in my recovery as pets do and couldn’t think of continuing recovery without her. By some luck and great nursing she was magically fine and is the best she’s ever been.


To continue my recovery my parents decided we should go on holiday to the Cotswolds area in the UK. I think this really helped, it showed I could go out and physically do things. It seemed like I was normal again but then my side effects would always come up adapting our plans. We went to Oxford, Cotswolds, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwick, all very beautiful places.


My recovery continued, staying at home but going out a bit more with friends and not my parents which was slightly disconcerting but have great friends who went out with me.

The real big test was for my friends Megan’s birthday we went out for some drinks in London but it was the first night with out my parents. I stayed in a hotel with my friend Kim and it went really well, I survived and had fun making me believe I could do more.



Halloween!!! I love Halloween, I filled the month with horror films. My friends stayed over one night and we had an early Halloween, carving pumpkins and watching spooky films.


I then went to Madeira with my parents for the first time abroad with since the accident, this went smoothly and proved I could do more. We still had to watch what I was doing and plan according on what to do. Madeira is such a beautiful, fun and loving country and would recommend anyone going.


November was the month of change. I think this was the month I realised what actually had happened and upset me a lot and PTSD had set in mildly. The insurance told me they would get help for me. This took too much time and so helped myself instead and went to the doctors after waiting a while for the insurance. By the end of December my PTSD was very strong.

But positive things happened too, I finally graduated University and all my friends came to celebrate with me. It was the best day of my life, I had all my friends with me and was happiest I had been in a long time.

In the same week I moved to London to help with my recovery to see if I could be independent and healthy by myself. I started physiotherapy to help my foot which still hurt and got my first job interview since the crash making me feel like I was progressing.


Living on my own went really well I was eating healthy being productive in job hunting and creative writing. Being creative and acting on that has helped with my recovery, its what I do best and needed to see that when I couldn’t do other things.

Finally it was Christmas and New Year making the end of the year a happier time.


In my conclusion about 2015 I said that I should focus on the positive more and do more for myself and not for others and wanted more laughs. In a strange turn of events I think I’ve done this in 2016, I focused on the positive to get better, the positive being my family and friends. I did do more for myself as I got myself better and I laughed so much. I strongly believe that laughter helps people get better, it doesn’t change your situation but for a split second it can make your stresses seem like a million miles away. I still have a long way to go in my recovery but I’m living in London and I have amazingly supportive friends and family. For the first time I truly don’t know what the future holds for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do this year but I’m ok with that, as anything can happen even if you do have a plan.

Remember Things Could Be Worse. Lucy.


My cat stayed cute throughout the year