Merry Cagemas!!

The 7th of January is a very special day, it is our lord and saviours birthday, Nicolas Cage. I talk a lot about Nicolas Cage, Nic to his friends and that includes me, at any chance I have I will bring him up in conversation. Now I will bring him up in conversation naturally now.

I have a theory, I think Nic is the greatest actor of our generation. Now, now I know how this might sound but hear me out.


The interview below made me believe this, how he talks about acting is genius. Vampire’s Kiss is a great demonstration of his acting, he chose to act like that from inspirations of german expressionism and films like Nosferatu making perfect sense. The over reacting makes it feel like an old film Noir or silent film. So many actors stick to naturalism acting in films, when films aren’t real!?!?! so why not make it obvious that they aren’t real. Everyone else is doing the same thing but Nic is pushing it and that’s what arts about. Yes his acting is art and Ethan Hawk agrees with me, “he’s the only actor since Marlon Brando that’s actually done anything new with the art of acting”. 

He also said he decided to do adventure films in the 90’s as he was in a remote part of Africa (he didn’t specify where) and a family were watching an adventure film and that’s when he realised that the true universal films are adventure films. Therefore decided to do them to connect with people. That makes perfect sense even if the film isn’t dubbed or subtitled in your language you still know what’s going on. He also choose to do Con Air as he wanted to do something the critics weren’t expecting and breaking that is so important.

This theory doesn’t apply to mid 2000’s films, he was just bankrupt then and needed the money, we’ve all been there.

In conclusion, acting is supposed to be entertaining and engaging but pushing what we’ve already seen to provoke meaning, or a message or just entertaining people and Nicolas Cage does all this.

Happy Birthday St. Nic. Lucy.