The Impossible Task

Moving to London and renting there is hard but hopefully these tips from my experience will help:

  1. Choose where you want to be e.g. North, South London and then choose an ideal area there.
  2. Be constant, houses come and go in a days notice so make sure you’re looking every morning
  3. Rightmove has the most reliable sources and better landlords
  4. Filter searches with price, location and size of property otherwise you will be looking for days
  5. Ask loads of questions when viewing, good ones are: is there a history of mould in this property, what is the landlord like, when was the boiler last checked
  6. Go with someone else to view a property, two peoples opinion help decide if its a good place of not.
  7. Research the estate agents to see how helpful they are and how difficult they will be with the forms
  8. Photos online can be from any year, make sure you see it in person
  9. Renting is stressful be prepared
  10. It will take some time, 2 months plus is a good estimate
  11. Don’t take a property if its not everything you want
  12. Start a good relationship with the Landlord

I hope these help you to get a too expensive house to live happily for a while.

Estate Agents Are My Greatest Fear. Lucy.