It’s nearly the end of January, and the first in the series of Monthly Book Club (I might think of a clever name for it, might) discussing what I’ve read in January, lets begin.

Why Drag? (Magnus Hastings, 2016)

I got this for Christmas and it’s fantastic, its a great coffee table book to have, even though I don’t have a coffee table. It asks drag queens from USA, UK and Australia why they do drag and the photographer, Magnus Hastings, takes gorgeous stylised photos of them to create a book of gender bending/experimenting,  liberating art. Some of the drag queens are very recognisable from RuPaul’s Drag Race and others are famous in their own right as drag queens. It has pageant queens to gender bending to fem to bearded. Demonstrating the incredibly diverse display of drag. My favourites include; Tammie Brown, Willam and Boy George’s forward.


The Princess Diarist  (Carrie Fisher, 2016)

It was dark and sad day when Carrie Fisher’s light burnout. I got her book for Christmas and so had to read it immediately. Like many I identified with her, I don’t really have role models but if I defined anyone with that responsibility it would of been her. She was an amazing ambassador for mental health awareness and help, a great actor, mother and twitter account. She was an advocate of women’s rights and still is with all the signs at the Women’s March continuing hope.

The book was shocking to see what she what happened, I mean I’m not totally surprised it was Hollywood in the late 70’s. Having her own journal extracts was interesting, it felt intrusive as they were so elegantly composed really demonstrating her venerability as a new “adult”. Her voice when she writes is so strong that you can hear her telling you the story as if she was still here.

I’m biased about this book as I want to and will support Carrie but I generally think it’s worth a read if you are interested in film, Hollywood, acting, Star Wars and Carrie otherwise it might be invalid for you.


That’s all I’ve read this month, I’m a slow reader but two books in a month is accomplishment for me.

Bring On February. Lucy.