Hours Of My Life Gone

I was just going to do a book and film club but realised TV too, not a surprise to anyone else but myself, so without further a do here is what I’ve watched this month:

Westworld (Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, 2016- present)

I really enjoyed the original film and didn’t know if the TV show would be as good without the 70’s charm to it but it does. It’s sci-fi, western, drama and thriller, with many female leads and diverse cast all fantastic acting performances. It’s both visually appealing and dialogue and acting driven making it tense and engaging. It’s probably best to go in it not knowing anything to get the best reactions to the plot.


A Series of Unfortunate Events (Daniel Handler, 2017)

I always liked the art direction of the movie and loved the plot and characters of the books though I haven’t read them all so am now re-reading them now. But this TV show took that art direction and narrative and one up it. The art direction is toyish, like a kid playing on the floor their room but dark at the same time. I’m not sure about the casting of Neil Patrick Harris but it’s not terrible. It’s a much better representation of the books that are so stylized but there’s something missing it, something distancing myself from it. But then again the opening theme is fantastic so I forgive and it’s not terrible just not perfect.


How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 (Peter Nowalk, 2014- present)

I just got round to watching season 2 and it’s still as intense and fantastic as the first. The acting, especially, from Viola Davis is still incredible and the narrative and dialogue as suspenseful and unexpected, I never know what’s about to happen and they even end on a surprise.


Humans (Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, 2015- present)

I always meant to watch this when it was first broadcasted but forgot, it’s a great British sci-fi drama on channel 4 exploring the issue of robots, AI and technology and does in a new and creative way instead of all robots are going to kill the human race, it’s more they might *shrug*. It’s funny and poignant with great acting.


January TV has been filled with Sci-fi maybe thats because its a new year and I’m trying to find something new or maybe I just like robots.

Let’s See What February Has In Store. Lucy.