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The final club for this month; the film club, the only issue is that I’ve watched 27 films this month that’s exactly, a lot of hours I’ve wasted. Let’s see how well I’ve wasted them with how good or bad these films are.

Arrival (2016, Denis Vileneuve)

This was the first film of the year and really great new sci-fi discussing how to make contact with a different language that no one knows. How this film is made and the twist is fascinating I really didn’t see it coming.


Westworld (1973, Michael Crichton)

I watched this before the TV and it was fantastic, 70s robots with porn star moustaches, the robots didn’t have the moustaches I wish they did. There’s a fantastic Terminator style face melted and robot face coming through moment that I think is worth watching the whole film for. There’s absolutely no women in it expect from the occasionally prostitute with no name and one line.


Futureworld (1976, Richard T. Heffron)

The sequel to Westworld and or my goodness was it bad. There was some nice camp 70s moments that made you scream with excitement but otherwise it was just bad. There was no characterization expect from a man who wants to fuck not even the campness of it could save it.


The Game (1997, David Fincher)

I love David Fincher films and have studied them a lot but had never seen this one. The plot is intense and has a big pay off if you watch engaged fully I didn’t and so it felt predictable for me as I’ve watched so many David Fincher films I know there’s going to be a big twist. But the people I watched it wither really enjoyed it so its better than I think it is.


Phenomena (1985, Dario Argento)

This was amazing, it has young Jennifer Connelly in it set in the Italian speaking part of  Switzerland the copy we watched of it went in and out of English and Italian but with no subtitles as the Italian actors in it didn’t know English but didn’t dub it. If that’s not a reason for watching it I don’t know what is, oh wait this probably is, Jennifer Connelly has a connection with insects that tells her things that have happened and helps her solve a murder case. The ending is very Friday the 13th with prosthetics bleeding monster.


Vampire’s Kiss (1988, Robert Bierman)

I’ve seen this film before but because it was Nic Cage’s birthday we had to watch it again. It demonstrates Nicolas Cage’s best acting.  His acting is on another level and has the iconic meme face scene in it


City of Angels (1998, Brad Siberling)

To follow Vampire’s Kiss on Nic Cage’s birthday we watched City of  Angels as it has Meg Ryan in it too. It’s terrible, it’s creepy and perverted the only thing that makes it worth watching is Nic’s acting, and boy band matrix shots on top of roof tops.


Nerve (2016, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman)



Finding Dory (2016, Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane)

This didn’t feel like a creative sequel that took the original characters and put them into another situation whereas this was basically the same as Finding Nemo.


Room (2015, Lenny Abrahamson)

This is one of the most emotional film I’ve ever seen. It’s character driven and emotion heavy making it intense and heart-breaking but overall positive story about humans being able to get through anything and seeing the light at the end.


Whiplash (2014, Damien Chazelle)

This is the most intense film I’ve ever watched and I watch a lot of horror films. The intensity comes from the manipulation and terror that the mentor is to the student with suspenseful drumming music making you scream at the TV. The last scene is also one of the best I’ve ever seen due to the editing and acting.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016, Taika Waititi)

I love Taika Waititi work and this didn’t disappoint. It’s funny with lots of heart like a lot of New Zealand films and films he’s done. If you like dry comedy you will love this.


Catch That Kid (2004, Bart Freundlich)

A young Kristen Stewart, Corbin Bleu and Max Thieriot, INCREDIBLE! A kids heist film, there’s nothing wrong with it.


The Perfect Score (2004, Brian Robbins)

The teen version of Catch That Kid, the perfect double bill, It has Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans in before all the Marvel films. It’s a great 2000’s teen movie.


The Final Girls (2015, Todd Strauss-Schulson)

I’ve seen this film before and watched it with my friend who hadn’t seen it. It’s a meta horror knowing it’s a film with in a film using troops of horror creatively and not clique that a lot of films do. The soundtrack is amazing too.


Presumed Innocent (1990, Alan J. Pakula)

This is a court room drama with Harrison ford who is a suspect, it has great dialogue and an incredible plot twist and last scene. It’s so suspenseful with amazing acting makes the whole film for me.


Mrs Doubtfire (1993, Chris Columbus)

Another film I had seen before, but I was ill and wanted something comforting and familiar and a Robin Williams family film is what I needed.


La La Land (2016, Damien Chazelle)

I know so many people loved this film including my friends but I was disappointed. I can’t quite understand why I disliked it so much but I think it was because it was so joyous, end the supposedly unhappy ending is happy. They both get their dreams but its supposed to be heart breaking because their not together, but they were still happy until they saw each others face so they seemed to have moved on. Maybe its because I don’t believe their chemistry. I also don’t like that she ends up married and has a baby when she said her dream was to be an actor and never said about a child whereas he gets his jazz bar but is single still, why did she have to have a baby? I though I liked musicals but maybe I don’t. I really love classic Hollywood films and though I would enjoy the intertexuality of the film but I didn’t by the end I thought the director was wanking over the amount of references he could through in. Not for me.


Swiss Army Man (2016, Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert)

Silly is the word that comes to mind once I watched this film. A farting Daniel Radcliffe whilst Paul Dano rides on his back across the sea. Fantastic. It’s funny but with heart and Daniel Radcliffe acting is great and yes he places a dead body but does it with character .


Maniac (2012, Franck Khalfoun)

This film wasn’t what I expected I knew it was a horror but it was much more gory than expected, maybe the most gory I’ve ever seen. It’s also all filmed from the point of view of the serial killer Elijah Wood. This makes it intense and gorier than it maybe is. There isn’t a lot of character development in it, its just let me kill another lady.


Beyond The Gates (2016, Jackson Stewart)

We watched this on a whim not really knowing anything about it but saw it had a fantastic poster. It’s set in the 90s and is about a VHS board game which captures people and makes things happen in real life and not just the game e.g. murder. It has nice visuals but some of the dialogue stiff, it’s the directors first film and think it’s a good debut.


Devil (2010, John Erick Dowdie)

Ever since watching The Happening I have been critical of watching M, Night Shyamlan films, he wrote this film and it was interesting. It’s set in lift but people keep dieing, the devil ends up being why. There are many twists and has suspenseful moments in the lift as we never know who is doing to die and who has the devil inside of them. But it also has an iconic scene of a man letting go of a piece of toast and the butter side falling to the ground proving the Devil is there. Logic.


Lights Out (2016, David F. Sandberg)

This is one of the best jump scare horrors I’ve seen in a while, the concept of a monster in the dark is so great as light is always what comforts us in horror films.  However it has a metaphor for depression and the “dark monster” surrounding depression of a parent but ends with her killing herself not the ending of the metaphor I wanted and think it’s the worst ending it could have had.


Zootopia (2016, Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush)

I’m very surprised by this film don’t think of it as a furry movie its great. It has incredible social commentary that could help teach children a lot.


The Jungle Book (2016, Jon Favreau)

Visually studding and the voice acting is incredible but I still question why it was needed to be made.  The ending is also  ridiculous as its as if Disney wants you to remember it’s a Disney classic so here’s a book closing like all their animated Disney princess films. When you think the ridiculousness is over Christopher Walken sings I want to be like you as King Louie in the open book with electric blue silk around it. It’s an experience.


Jackie (2016, Pablo Larrain)

Natalie Portman was just incredible. I really hadn’t thought about how the assassination of her husband next to her must of felt and this film really showed the horror she just have experienced and the trauma whilst being so public.


BFG (2016, Steven Spielberg)

I love, like most British children, the animated BFG film and this was a good retelling of the BFG but because it was directed by Steven Spielberg I was expecting more and more of his style and didn’t get it. So as a Steven Spielberg movie it was bad but as a BFG movie its good if it was directed by someone else.


Thats 44 hours and 26 minutes I spent watching films and I’m ok with it.

Best film of the month : Hunt For The Wilderpeople. Lucy.