My New Obsession

Podcasts have absorbed my life suddenly, I went from listening to 1 to 25 in a month, I was hooked. I won’t go through all the Podcasts I listen to, I’ll give you the highlights.

Not To Deep With Grace Helbig

I enjoy her YouTube channel and thought I’ll just check out her podcast, 80 episodes later and I’m still going. She has great guests from Lance Bass to Willam Belli and her format is creative, only asking silly not too personal questions to find out about the guest and really shows how fun they are or aren’t.

Goosebumps: Welcome To Deadcast

One of my favourites, these two loveable hosts (Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery) talk about the original Goosebumps book one at a time. They demonstrate passion so enthusiastically it makes you want to be as passionate about something as they are with Goosebumps. They’re V funny and have an extensive knowledge about the books, horror and campy fun.

Boys and Ghouls

If you love horror films then you’ll love Boys and Ghouls, the hosts are great and Marshall has the best voice to listen to. They not only discuss horror films but the story surrounding the films and gives you context that you might not have got yourself.


I listen to this in a day (the first season) as it was so gripping. It’s about a murder case that’s messy, some was arrested for it but lots of details are fishy. The host displays all these facts in such an engaging way you have no idea what else is going to crop up and change your mind on who the murderer is.

H3 Podcast

Another YouTube channel I watch with their own podcast. If you love or are a living meme you’ll love them. It’s completely silly and fun that you need in your life.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

One of the funniest piece of media I’ve found in a long time. I can’t help but cackle out loud at this on my walk to the tube station looking like a mad witch. It’s literally about a guy who’s Dad has wrote an awful porno book. They have great guests on it too, Elijah Wood was on it fangirling over the podcast, that makes me so happy.

The Bechdel Cast

My newest podcast find and listen to it non-stop. It’s two women (Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus) who talk about films with a guest and see if it passes the Bechdel test of representation of women in film. But they not only talk about whether or not it passes but other issues around women in film that the test doesn’t acknowledge. It’s basically just what I talk about all the time.

RuPaul: What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage

Anyone who knows me know I love RuPaul’s Drag Race and so needed more of it in my life and found the answer; their podcast. Not only is it just one innuendo after another but it’s generally caring and loving it really makes you think you can do whatever you want. They have great quests from other drag performers to singers and icons. Just hearing Michelle Visage’s laugh whilst on my way to work makes me so much happier.

Hope this inspires you to listen to more podcasts, I’m already starting another one (in DJ Khaled voice) Adventuring In Roommating with Meghan Tonjes another Youtuber I watch and love.

Keep Looking For New Media. Lucy.