I’m Counting Audio Books In This Now

It’s nearly the end of February and you know what that means… It’s nearly March, oh and also it’s time I recap on what I’ve read/listened to in this amount of time we call a month.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Bad Beginning (Lemony Snicket, 1999) and A Series of Unfortunate Events The Reptile Room (Lemony Snicket, 1999)

After watching the new A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE for short) series on Netflix I realised I never finished reading the series, I think I got to book 7 then just stopped for some unknown reason. I’ve already got a pile of books and hemorrhoids to deal with so thought the audiobook would be the best idea, especially after finding out TIM CURRY reads the books. Listening to Tim Curry read these books and create the characters has confirmed to me that he is the greatest actor ever. I highly recommend listening to these audiobook, sorry, these Grammy awarding winning audiobooks. I also wish for a film where Tim Curry plays every character including Sunny the baby, creating nightmares for everyone.

Oddly the next book links as Tim Curry and Mara Wilson performed together at the Oscars.


Where Am I Now? (Mara Wilson, 2016)

Matilda is very special to me, like a lot of people, the book when I was younger was my favourite and would dress up as her for world book day each year at school. Then when I saw the film at 8, I lost it, I was upset as a chid (child and kid) that it wasn’t set in the UK but I got over that quickly. It made me feel welcome, as a lot of people who love Matilda it’s about finding a young girl like you; someone different in a world of ordinary. When I’m sad or ill I’ll watch Matilda as it feels like home. This film follows me everywhere, my best friend did his first drag as Miss Trunchbull and was (and will ever be) the best thing I’ve ever seen. He acted as her all night and I would cry laugh at him unable to even pretend to be scared of him.

But less about Matilda and more about the book and Mara Wilson which is really what the book is about.

Her challenges with mental health, sexuality, loss, career, and living up to expectations. These are all issues we, I, deal with but on different, more private scale.

Talking about how great Danny DeVito as a director and friend makes me so happy, that he’s as lovely and kind as I hoped he was. I cried on the train reading that chapter just knowing he was great.

This is a book that will stay with me, as a chid being called a “worrier” or “special” when actually there was a reason why I worried, counted actions and objects and had to do certain actions in a very specific ways. It’s comforting to hear that you aren’t the only one. It reminds me of a quote from the Matilda:

The Books Gave Matilda A Comforting Message: You Are Not Alone.

I believe this is what this book is about, telling stories to allow others to know it’s not just you.

You Are Not Alone. Lucy.