Another Month Another TV Show

After last months sci-fi binge watching it was time for some comedy but I was surprised to cry too.

Santa Clarita Diet (Victor Fresco, 2017)

I started watching this just because I love Drew Barrymore and even now, as I write this, I’m really unsure if I liked this show or not. It has funny moments, and the concept of a suburban Mum turning into a zombie is great but there was something laking for me. It felt fake to me, I know its a fictional comedy TV show and the suburban life is artificial and seems fake, but I just didn’t believe it, as it didn’t push as far as it could. It held back


Uncle (Oliver Refson and Lilah Vandenburgh, 2012-2017)

This is in reference to latest season as I had seen the others when they were first aired. I think this might be my favourite season of show. It’s because of the one of the main characters been a teenager now, and how funny it is to be a teenager in the modern world and as one of the most awkward people on the planet.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Max Landis, 2016)

I had seen a lot of people talking about this show on twitter and so thought I’ll give it a go. It is one of the best written shows I’ve seen in a while. The dialogue is so well throughout but natural making it seamless in the development of character and plot. It’s funny, dramatic, sci-fi, visually stunning with great acting delivering the dialogue that could be lost on a lesser actor.


Flight Of The Conchords (James Bodin, Jamaine Clement and Ben McKenzie, 2007-2009)

After watching Hunt For The Wilderpeople I’ve been obsessed with New Zealand filmmakers and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of Flight Of The Concords.  My favourite episode is season 2 episode 5 so much so I quote it on a daily basis. The Kiwi/ Australia rivalry jokes, comic songs and silly jokes make it absurd comedy that I love.


Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, 2016)

I’ve been meaning to watch this show for a while and I was not prepared for it when I sat down and watched it. It’s funny but devastating, emotional yet silly, creative and heart wrenching. I couldn’t believe the plot twists and how brilliant the writing and natural the breaking of the fourth wall was. Prepare yourself for a emotional rollercoaster when watching it.


Onward To March. Lucy.