The Best Way To Spend International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, my friends and myself celebrated by attending Sweet ‘Art’s T’art exhibition.

Sweet ‘Art promotes art that is “thought provoking, intelligent and challenging in its consideration of both aesthetic and concept”. No matter what disciple wanting artists to explore, challenge and debate. They are “dedicated to ethical practice and prides itself on an intersectional and inclusive approach.”

I’m very proud that a piece of my work I made with a friend, Alexandra Penelope, was screened at the exhibition. Our film, “Not Every Princess Needs A Prince” an experimental short film attempting to both queer and give sexual agency to Disney’s Princesses. We made this to comment on the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in media, particularly in Disney and animation. We were largely inspired by Dara Birnbaum and Scratch video works.

Being screened at T’art exhibition really fitted in well and with all the other fantastic work there, especially as we made this during University and it didn’t get a positive reply due to its themes.

The other works there consisted of beautiful paintings of fat ladies, banana boners and a doll trapped in a lantern (may personal favourite). Not to mention the great goody bags with cool feminist badges and organic sanitary products. A lovely snack of vagina cupcakes were presented giving Pussy Galore a new definition.

There was great interactive art , where you took a picture and a headline was created. Plus the Zine where you drew, collaged or use clay to make art.

The highlight of the night was seeing a giant Donald Trump head piñata being speared, hit and smashed by everyone there.

Truly last night was the best way to spend International Women’s Day surrounded by female produced art, majority female audience, my fellow creators and best friends and vagina cupcakes.

Keep This Feeling Going. Lucy.