The Only Guide You A-Z Guide Of Keanu Reeves You Will Need

A– He’s been in many Accidents mostly motor bike related, including some where he broke ribs and ruptured his spleen. It gets worse when the paramedics where lifting him on the stretcher they dropped him.

B– He loves Ballroom dancing

C– He’s set up a private Cancer foundation to help children with cancer after his sister was diagnosed with Leukaemia and became her main caregiver

DDogstar is the name of his band where he plays the bass guitar, they opened for Bon Jovi and played at Glastonbury festival

E– Reeve’s Ethnicity consists of English Mother, American Farther with Hawaiian, Portuguese and Chinese ancestry

FFriends and Family are very important to him, when asked what his idea of happiness is he replied, “Lying in bed with my lover, riding my bike, sports, happy times with my friends, conversation, learning, the earth, dirt, a beautiful repast with friends, family with wine and glorious food and happy tidings and energy and zest and lust for life. I like being in the desert, in nature, being in extraordinary spaces in nature, high in a tree or in the dirt, hanging out with my family, my sisters.”

G– As a child Keanu saw Ghosts,  “I remember just staring at this suit which had no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. It was a double-breasted suit in white and I looked at my nanny, who was just as shocked as me. I just couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards.”

H– His name is Hawaiian meaning “cool breeze over the mountains”

I – “I am not handsome or sexy”.

J– For John Wick and other action films he does all his own stunts including car stunts and learning martial arts

hoc K ey- He loves playing ice hockey where he got the nickname as “The Wall”

L ove- He’s said that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship or get married

M– He has Memorized 30 Shakespeare sonnets

N– Keanu lives in New York and gets the subway all the time, here’s a video of him giving his seat up for someone else.


O– Keanu loves the Olympics, “You know, I don’t have a favourite TV show, but I do know that I love watching The Olympics. Whenever the Olympics are on, I just love watching them, the moments that you get these incredible athletes dedicating so much of their lives to the moments that happen in the Olympics, and it is great to be able to witness that.”

P– Keanu has taken many Pay-cuts from different movies to allow other actors to be cast such as Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate and in the Matrix to improve the special effects

Q– He has now Quit smoking but started to smoke at 30 from smoking in films

R– Keanu says he’s not Religious but spiritual with this fantastic quote “I don’t know? I don’t know the spiritual Richter-scale measurement! That’s a weird answer, isn’t it? I don’t know. Do I believe in God, faith, inner faith, the self, passion, and things? Yes, of course! I’m very spiritual … Supremely spiritual … Bountifully spiritual … Supremely bountiful. [Laughs.]”

S– More Sad times for Keanu, when his best friend River Phoenix died young and was quoted saying “River was a remarkable artist and a rare human being. I miss him every day.”

TTragedy has struck Keanu’s life more than most. His son was still born which broke this reletionship with the mother who died 18 months later in a drug fuel car crash.

V– He’s an immortal Vampire

UUnexpected guests have been a problem for him with women breaking in to his home and swimming in his pool.

W– Keanu has Written an adult picture book called Ode To Happiness even though he is Dyslexia

e X pelled-  He was expelled from his school as he puts it, “I was a little too rambunctious and shot my mouth off once too often. I was not generally the most well-oiled machine in the school.”

YYou know, he’s just a really great, good guy and I couldn’t get another fact that wasn’t just him being an amazing and kind person

drugZ – Keanu has said that he’s enjoyed taking some drugs, describing it as “I’ve had wonderful experiences. I mean really wonderful. In teaching. Personal epiphanies. About life. About a different perspective — help with different perspectives that you have. You know what I mean? Relationships to nature. Relationships with the self. With other people. With events.”

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