Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally hit the UK so cozy nights in with a book and cuppa have ended and sitting in the garden in  glorious sun has started. Well may be not in the sun, and may be not outside but on the tube and it’s probably raining.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 3 and 4

Again I listened to these via audio book, but disappointment struck when I found out Tim Curry doesn’t read any of the other books. I do miss the voices he did and his charisma shining through, he just made me happy when listening to others misfortune. The new reader is just fine, once you had Tim Curry anyone else seems insufficient.

Overall I’m still very engaged and excited to listen to the other books.

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

I love The Princess Bride, as many people do, quoting it to my friends constantly. Just like the film and book, this book is funny, heartwarming fairy tale. It’s the closest modern/real fairy tale we’ll ever get. Giants, sword fights, romance, friendship, pain and hope.

My heart melted from every story about Andre the Giant being the real life BFG, well maybe the drunk BFG but that makes me love him more. Stories of sword fighting and injuries, blossoming friendships and heart break, especially as not all the cast was there for the reunion.

I learnt a lot about directing from it too from the point of view of an actor. I am not actor and it’s interesting seeing what actors see in their director.

If you love The Princess Bride film you should definitely read this book.

Inconceivable! Lucy