Hello Liverpool

My friends recently moved to Liverpool so thought it’s about time I visited them.

Liverpool is the most North I’ve ever been in the UK (It’s not even that North). It took some time for me to not react to people’s accents, like I just heard that they’re making a Shrek 5 film (which they are).

Whilst in Liverpool we visited the Tate, they had Tracy Emin’s bed exhibit which is interesting to see in person. The fact it’s about the depression she went through after a breakup is inspiring but comical that she made an exhibit from a dark time in her past about a breakup that has propelled her career and artistry.

We then saw Free Fire (2017, Ben Wheatley) at the cinema, I’ll talk about it more in my monthly film review posts but all I’ll say now is it’s a great British independent film with a funny cast.

The next day as a household we went to spend Sunday, the Lord’s day, as a wholesome family at a board game cafe. I was surprised by this place, we thought we would spend an hour here but five hours later we called it a night. The food and drink was great and reasonable, you are paid a £2 per hour per person fee to play games that is capped at £5 so all in al a reasonably priced afternoon’s entertainment. Plus you get to play games you never thought you would. We played, Chicken Cha Cha (I won), Cranium, Exploding Kittens, Obama Llama and Fun Employed. I highly recommend any of these games but because of the people I was with it was so funny and made for a hilarious antics.

Overall this city is small but big in culture, architecture and fun people.

Goodbye Liverpool. Lucy.