I Love Moana

I’ve heard mix opinions about Moana people didn’t really like it but this film stuck with me after watching it, not many films do this and here’s why:

The Music

The music is fantastic Lin-Manuel Miranda gives a modern twist to the typical Disney musical. Creating compositions that are fuse Pacific culture and contemporary music naturally. “You’re Welcome”, “How Far I’ll Go” and “Know Who You Are” are some of my favourites, the main difference between Moana and Frozen is that all the songs hold their own, Frozen without “Let It Go” falls flat. Moana is catchy and beautiful.


Simply, it’s beautiful. The landscapes are breathtaking from the sand to the sky and how they made the ocean it self a character with subtle ripples and reflections creating character and environment. Then there’s the animation of Moana herself, her hair is beautiful, how it flows in the wind is magical. Disney has advanced it’s animation in recent years and hope it becomes more creative.

Mad Max Fury Road

The pirate ship scene is inspired by Mad Max… Amazing


Even though the plot is dangerous there is a great comedic feel to it from Moana herself and animal sidekicks.

Dwayne Johnson

Just Dwayne Johnson


Moana is the best Disney female heroine in my eye, and I’ll tell you why. Moana doesn’t have a love interest she’s on a journey to save her people and herself, she doesn’t need a love interest too.

Moana demonstrates if you want something or change something you have to be determined and push yourself. She learns on the way about herself but sailing and navigating too.

She’s loyal to what she believes in and has important values to help herself and others. Moana demonstrates you disagree with something and it’s ok to rebel.

She’s humble and doesn’t see herself as a “Princess” (daughter of the Chief) she just wants to do her best. She helps Maui regain his self-confidence empowering others as well as herself.

Diversity and Culture

It delivers a deep cultural understanding to the audience. A film about Polynesian culture that doesn’t white wash and has an amazing cast including Dwayne Johnson, Jemaine Clement and Auli’i Cravalho. I love the videos of Auli’i telling interviews and the press who to say her name or that her name isn’t Moana.


The most important reason for me is about the villain, Te Ka. Te Ka is a damaged and emotionless shell of herself after being betrayed and hurt by Maui. She’s a metaphor trauma and recovery.

Moana is the one who saves her, instead of women being pit against each other, Moana saves Te Ka by showing her kindness. By reminding Te Ka who she was before the incident that changed her. Through this she finds who she is again, Te Fiti. Having that one person who is kind and believes in you can help you see through trauma and remember you’re more than your it.

Trauma can cause you to be stressed, annoyed and emotionally unpredictable, having someone understand you can make you feel yourself again. You may be a different self but you are still you. That’s why “Know Who You Are” is my favourite song, it makes me think I will be Lucy again someday.

Know Who You Are. Lucy