It’s Been A Slow Month

This month I have only read one book. I’m reading another but have not finished it so it’s not really a club it’s just a review this month.

Fear Street: Missing by R. L. Stine

I love R. L. Stine and Fear Street is one of my favourites of his. I’m reading through the series at the moment. This book is slightly odd as every two chapters it changes perspective from the brother and sister’s point of view. You think this must be for a reason but no, it was just a creative choice R. L. Stine chose and I respect that. The actual plot is great I really didn’t see where it was going and that might be because it’s such a massive curve ball but that’s what makes R. L. Stine so fantastic. It has the camp traits that his writing has and creepy atmosphere, however I would say it’s not may favourite Fear Street Book so far.


That’s it. I didn’t read anything else this month expect from a leaflet from the local church asking me to email them my prays.

Hopefully I’ll Read More Next Month. Lucy.