New and Old

This month has been a month of experimenting with new shows and finishing old one.

Penny Dreadful (2014-1026, John Logan)

I love anything horror and fantasy but I found this really hard to get into and I’m not sure why. It has everything I love; exorcism, ghouls, Frankenstein and Eva Green being incredible and the most engaging part of the series but even though I loved all this I couldn’t keep engaged with it. Even though there’s 4 seasons of it I stopped at 1 I couldn’t go on.


The Walking Dead Season 7 (2016-2017, Frank Darabont)

I don’t know anymore with this. I’m invested in the characters still but I forget when it’s on in the week and watch it whenever I remember. I’m just not excited by it. The beginning of the season was so stylised and had a gripping and terrifying villain, I had high hopes for it to reboot itself but it fell into similar plot lines and oddly like a soap opera.


Travel Man: 48 Hours In… ( 2017, Nicola Silk)

Richard Ayoade is one of my favourite comedians and this show would be nothing without him. Each week they get a guest comedian on with him and go to a city for a two day stay and see how much they can do in that time. Sometimes the guest and him have great chemistry and sometimes they don’t but when they don’t its still so funny to see them interact with each other. My personal fav episodes are Helsinki with Paul Rudd, Seville with Rob Delaney, Moscow with Greg Davies, Copenhagen with Noel Fielding, Paris with Mel Giedroyc and Vienna with Chris O’Dowd.


Catastrophe Season 3 (2017, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan)

Wow, wow and also wow. This comedy (I use that genre very loosely) is the definition of British comedy sitcom. It’s not only funny but has a heart. As the audience you get connect to the characters but you know by now, from past seasons, they are going to end on a cliffhanger. This season was no exception. I won’t give it away but it’s heartbreaking. Then when you’re still trying to recover from the ending they have a photo of Carrie Fisher come up and thats when I lost it. I cried uncontrollable. A really great comedy.


13 Reasons Why (2017, Brain Yorkey)

This is a very controversial TV programme and I completely understand why the subject matter is difficult to talk about in real life let alone in a dramatised version.

I will give credit where credit is due and that’s with the cast, there’s great acting and the cast is very diverse in race and sexuality and has equal number female and male cast. There are interesting plot points of how men treat women in everyday situation and they just think it’s fine whereas it really effects women. Having this portrayed was great to see, as the amount of times men have touched me or said something to me in public that’s completely inappropriate is staggering. It’s also good they put tigger warnings at the start of episodes.

However saying that it does glamourise suicide and can only hope that people watching this see their own mind sets and situations and they get help before its too late. I don’t think they should of shown the suicide it would of been as or even more impactful showing her mums reaction. If you are someone who has sducidal thoughts, depression or been through a sexual assault it would be extremely hard to watch.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, 3 and 4 (2010-2012, Nick Murray and Ian Stevenson)

My favourite TV show of all time and the best TV show on TV, hands down, argument over. I’ve watched each season at least 5 times. It’s not only drag but comedy, drama, heartbreaking, hope, art, sexuality, gender, well I suppose that is all drag.


Rick And Morty (2013-2017, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland)

This is the second time I’m watching this. I watched the first episode of season 3 and got a taste for it and needed to watch more. Two seasons later and I’m done, again. The whole dialogue is improvised which is incredible especially for how funny it is.


An interesting month of re-watching the old may be I should watch more new TV.

Rewatching Can Be Comforting But New Is Growth. Lucy.