Trash Is the New Gold

Last Saturday was a night of magnificent rubbish, queenly waste and royal trash.

Cuntemporary hosts Deep Trash events and the latest was Royal Trash. Cuntemporary is a non-profit organisation that explores queer and feminist art through events, lectures, screenings, exhibitions and performances. Past Deep Trash events include From Out Of Space, Greek Trash and Religious Bondage. The night consists of performances, screenings and DJ’s.

My personal highlights of the performances was The Great White Males a drag king punk band act who performed a parody cover of Blurred Lines and made me laugh all the way through their set.

The other highlight was Johnny Woo who constructed a cardboard box re-creation of her iconic wedding dress whilst using song and spoken word to tell the real life soap opera of her life. It was more than that though, my jaw was dropped for the whole performance, it incapsulated “Royal Trash” and took me too a the next level of being.

As the event was Royal Trash my friends and I went as the four Chanels from Scream Queens.


Chanel 2, Chanel 3, Chanel 5 and Chanel

I highly advice you to go to the next Deep Trash Event, it’s full of drag, art, music, dancing and amazing outfits. It’s queerly fun time!

First-Class Junk. Lucy.