Avengers Who?

Hero teams are all the range but they’re not hitting their potential, so here is my dream team of heroes to create the best team. Remember the rule is the more characters the better.

John Wick “The Weapon”; he has a large arse-nal

Jack Traven and Annie “Get Away Drivers”; plus they have a bus to take everyone in

Lara Croft “Adventure Historian”; the classic combo

John McClane “Dirty Cop”; both his shirt and morals

Scooby-Doo “Doggo”; bork

Sloth (The Goonies) “The Beauty”; you got have a beautiful face to promote the team

Hermione Granger “The Brains”; typecasting

Keanu (The Cat from Keanu)- “Pussy”; to go with John Wicks large Arse-nal

Hit Girl “The Muscles”; why get a man to do a little girls job

Ben Richards (Running Man) “Fashion”; lycra jumpsuit realness

Princess Leia “Strength”; we all need hope

Rey “The Heart”; the one everyone likes

Ripley (Aliens) “Robotics”; engineering extravaganza

Furiosa “Leader”; someone has to pull this group of misfits into shape

Legolas “Ammo”; the ammo to John Wick’s Arse-nal and Keanu’s Pussy

Miss Piggy “Bitch”; the only way to get shit done.

Robin “Comic Relief”; does what it says on the tin

Dread Pirate Roberts “The Heart-throb”; *swoon*

Babe (Babe) “Conscious”; the voice of the people

Quicksilver (X-Men) “Leg Day”; gotta go fast

Bill and Ted “The Excellence”; they’re bringing dope… time travelling skills

Moana “Musical Interlude”; inspiring musical numbers to uplift everyone to keep on going

Mary Jackson “Maths”; Math.

That’s my dream team of characters, yes it involves 3 versions of Keanu Reeves, a cartoon dog, a muppet and pig. Their biggest weakness is their pay check, I can’t afford for this to be real but I can dream.

Their Archenemy is Scrappy-Doo. Lucy.