AudioBooks All The Way

I’m currently reading two books at the moment and have finished neither so this month is all about the audiobooks I have finished.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book the 5th, The Austere Academy (2000, Lemony Snicket)

After listening to the last three books with an average voice actor reading them I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tim Curry comes back to read the books again. I was so excited I did a little scream and dance in my room. His voice is perfect for every role in the books. He’s serious as Lemony, vile as Olaf and hilarious as Sunny.

This book is one of my favourite in the series so far, the Orphans go to a boarding school and make friends with the Quagmire triplets. I think its this that makes it such a heart breaking book, they finally have some friends and people on their side but are violently taken away. Its horrifying. I can’t wait to continue the series.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book The 6th, The Ersatz Elevator (2001, Lemony Snicket)

This book is one of the most surprising for me, I generally didn’t know where it was going. This book had multiple twists and I didn’t see any of them coming. This so far is my favourite in the series.

June Will Include Physical Books. Lucy.