Coming To An End

This month has been a month of TV programmes coming to an end and leaving 40 minute whole in my heart and watching specific seasons to see memes.

Project Runway Season 2 and 10 (Heidi Klum, 2005 and 2012)

I watched these two seasons for a specific reason: the first had Santino Rice the second had the blood orange meme in it. I wanted to watch the origin story of Santino RIce from RuPaul’s Drag Race and I was not disappointed. He was a creative, talented, funny and most of all a bitch. I watched season 10 just to see the blood orange meme in real life and it was fantastic but the whole season was really great with incredible outfits.


Goosebumps season 1 and 2 (R.L.Stine, 1995-1998)

I’m going by the seasons listed on Netflix which I know isn’t the same as when they were on TV. I love everything Goosebumps and the TV show is just a gift to us all, not only is there bad Canadian accents, bad child acting, terrible dialogue, bad sets and costume but theres also incredible Canadian accents, amazing child acting, fantastic dialogue, wonderful sets and costume but most of all excellent plots. They’re just so campy and creepy. Everything I love.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, Allstars 1 and 2 (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)

I love RuPaul’s Drag Race and this is billionth time I’ve rewatched it but it still makes me laugh, cry and scream and not a lot of things can make me do any of those. Seasons 5 and 6 have such great and iconic characters and everyone loves these seasons. Season 7 was weaker but has spot lighted some of my favourite queens including Kayta and Trixie Mattel, plus some iconic moments, “is there something on my face?”. Season 8 felt more traditionally drag race with create characters and rivalry. Allstars 2 is the perfect Drag Race show as it has everything from the best seasons but with higher production and amazing challenges.

Drag Race means a lot to me, it’s given me a lot of confidence and during my recovery it was the only thing that would make me smile and feel like I could get better


Bates Motel Season 5 (2017, Anthony Cipriano, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin)

Wow, wow, wow and also WOW. This is how you make a TV show. It was suspenseful, beautiful, horrifying and just wonderful. I was gripped throughout this last season. This season is the remake/ interpretation of the film, Psycho, and they do it so beautifully. They make homage to the original with the iconic shower scene but fake the audience out thinking it’s with Marion, which is genius to do. You’re giving the audience what they want but then taking it away just before it becomes clique. This is one of the only TV shows that I’m actually invested in the characters and am screaming at the TV because I don’t want them to die, and in Bates Motel that could happen.


The Girl Who Became 3 Boys (2012, Norman Hull)

This is a Channel 4 documentary about a girl disguising herself as three different boys and talking to her friends online, ending up dating them as a boy and even raping them. It’s mind blowing this could happen.


Bob’s Burgers Season 7 (2016-2017, Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive)

I love Bob’s Burgers and this season was no exception, it was funny and creative. They make original story lines with incredibly funny dialogue.


IT Crowd (2006-2013, Graham Linehan)

My favourite light hearted sitcom to watch when you need something to cheer you up. Every episode is iconic and can watch any and quote along to it.


Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return (2017, Joel Hodgson)

I love bad films especially B- horror films as I like to take the piss at them with my m8’s so this is the perfect TV show for me. I’ve cackled with laughter at this and really enjoyed watching it with my friends.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 (2016-2017, Daniel J. Goor and Micheal Schur)

This show is already incredibly funny and has great commentary on society but they took it to another leave with this season, specifically the episode they explored racism in the police.


Riverdale (2017, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa)

I can’t, I just can’t with this show. It’s everything I want from TV. The aesthetic is wonderful, colourful and moody. The cast make me so happy as their great actors but also friends in real life. The music is great too I’ve made a playlist of all the music below.

The dialogue is other worldly, because its a melodrama is soooooo extra and I’m here for it. My favourite being “you look rather DILF-y tonight”. Who the fuck says that to anyone. Me, thats who, I want to say it to someone so bad. The plot itself is interesting, theres definitely a divide in the season from the beginning kind of being about the murder but really high school drama stuff then the other half is Scooby-Doo like group of the teens trying to find out who did. It’s so suspenseful I’m literally on the edge of my seat screaming at the TV.


A Month Of Actually Good TV. Lucy