Hello Istria

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For a week I went to Croatia with my parents to a part called Istria and found out just how fantastic it is. Everyone there is friendly and didn’t meet one person who wouldn’t help a typical Brit abroad. I found out that they really love Only Fools and Horses there and use cockney/British slang all the time, making me laugh everything someone said “lovely jubbly”.

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Istria was Roman occupied and so is very Italian meaning there was incredible food. I had some of the best food I’ve ever had in my whole life there and I like to eat. Firstly there was a gnocchi dish but had sugar and cinnamon that I can only imagine is what the Roman God’s eat. I then had the best squid I’ve ever tasted, nothing can beat it.

Due to it being Roman lots of the buildings and towns are extremely beautiful, all painted pastel colours with bits of age on them making them look like… well: a European village. Aesthetic AF

Pula was the nearest city to us so took the bus there for the day. We visited the Amphitheater that was made by the Romans, if you have a chance to see it than I advice strongly you do. It’s more intact than the ones in Rome and is beautiful and all together astonishing that this giant building is still standing today.

We also went to “Little Venice” consisting of beautiful narrow alleyways to get lost in and colourful harbour with Venice building right on the water.

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Every night we were there was a beautiful sunset finishing day with a more beauty.

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Last year I was supposed to go one this holiday but I was in an accident and unable to go. A year on it was a great way to see where I had come, what I can do and my limitations. I learnt that even though some times I can’t do certain physical things it’s really not what you do but who your with and if your having a good time that makes the holiday.

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Everyone Should Visit Croatia. Lucy.