“We are gathered here today to dismantle heteronormativity and patriarchal norms through cinematic expression”

Queerly Beloved a new organisation that hosts film screenings of LGBT+ and feminist films. These screenings are to create a safe and engaging place to challenge, educate and entertain through the films screened.

The first screening was An Animated Affair, consisting of animated short films with queer themes. The films were all animated and still crossed different types of animation and different queer themes.

Parents Chat | Kate Jessop

Is a comical coming out story with live action heads and animated bodies. It really demonstrates the problems some people still have with coming out. This was one episode of a series called Tales From Pussy Willow  out being Queer, you can watch the series on YouTube, and I highly advice you do.

Erasure | Birgitta Hosea

A more experimental film about women’s role and the exploration of gender in labour work.

The Queen’s Tale | Nathalie Sandstad & Sarah Hiorns

A more conventional animated story of a Princess having a suitor win her hand, she confronts the victor as she doesn’t want to be with a man to find out its her secret lover. The animation is beautifully done and has some funny lines in it.

Moi | Ines Sedan

This film explored transgender/gender identity. It’s amazing to me watching this film that the creator made it as a way to show someone having to hide and not fitting in but didn’t think of it as a transgender story. To me it’s a very strong transgender story of not fitting into to two categories (boy or girl) and having to hide your real self inside of you. I highly recommend watching this film, the animation really hands itself to this story.

2001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of | George Barber

A very experimental film about the Marilyn Monroe artwork by Andy Warhol, manipulating it and layering to create a hypnotic film.

Not Every Princess Needs A Prince | Alexandra Penelope & Lucy Mills

I co-created this film that attempts to queer and give sexual agency to Disney’s Princesses. We wanted to comment on the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in media. You can watch it below

Queer Heroes | Kate Jessop

This was a collaborative animation of Queer heroes. Each animator would animate someone important to the queer community then give the last frame to the next animator so it all morphed into one cohesive film.

At the end of the night a very thought provoking and interesting Q&A, concluding thoughts about the lack of representation in the mainstream media of LGBT+ people including race and disability, and those who are creating the media.

The next Queerly Beloved event will be held in August. Like and follow them on FaceBook and Twitter to find out about open calls for films and events.

Queerly Loved. Lucy.