What Am I Supposed To Know It’s Finished?

A month of finishing TV shows that I have been IN LOVE with and now I’m supposed to just continue with my life?!?! HOW!

The Keepers (2017, Ryan White)

This show is interesting, intense and terrifying. It does intensely discuss rape at schools on children and it’s heart breaking to her about. It has the victims of these assaults on the program making it hit home but it’s powerful to see how far they have come from these awful events they were in.

The series is actually about a murder of a Nun who taught at a Catholic school and has never been resolved. What’s great about this show is that the past students are the ones investigating it. demonstrating how even if some have given up there’s always someone who will help.


Arrested Development Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 (2003-2013, Mitchell Hurwitz)

The amount of times I’ve watched season 1,2 and 3 must be in the thousands* but I never watch season 4 as I always watched the first episode and really didn’t like it. This time of re-watching I stuck it out and watched past it and did really enjoy it. The “in” jokes from past seasons are all done so incredibly well and not over used making it it’s own season, especially as it is Netflix making it.

*not accurate at all


Orange Is The New Black Season 5 (2017, Jenji Kohan)

Wow. What. A. Season. This show really demonstrates fantastic writing and what writing does. It’s fantastic writing as it’s all set in less than a week and yet it keeps your attention with great dialogue and acting. I cried and cheered alway through this season, it’s just heart-warming to see so many women on screen together for once.

I thought the ending was slightly odd as they always leave on a cliffhanger and there was a cliffhanger but it felt a little rushed.


Crystal Maze (2017)

Loved the original and has now been taken to a new level by having Richard Ayoade as host. The hand cane is incredible so he doesn’t actually hold anyone’s hand. The celebrity special was light hearted TV you want with the always entertaining Louis Spence.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 (2017, Nick Murray)

Ok, ok, ok, but also, ok. I don’t know how to live my life without Drag Race to revive me at the weekends.

This season has been classic Drag Race but has felt the most up to date/future drag than any other season, demonstrated perfectly in the winner. I was wanting Sasha Velour to win the whole time and so incredibly happy and proud of her (though I don’t know the her), showing how herstory can help you be create and unique now.

The finale episode though was EVERYTHING. All my housemates watched it together as a family with a drink in our hands. We were screaming at every reveal, twist and amazing outfits.

This season has been gold for memes and I at any appropriate (sometimes inappropriate) times I will quote the “you look like Linda Evangelista” monologue. I’d like to also say that London Queens do lip sync!

RuPaul’s Drag Race has meant a lot to me in the past. When I came out of hospital from a life threatening car crash I didn’t laugh or smile or see anything in my future. Re-watching the show put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart when nothing else would. It showed me how you can achieve whatever you put your mind to and be whoever the fuck you want to be.

It’s helping in my recovery still so I’ll have to go to more live drag events to get my life!


You’re Born Naked And The Rest Is Drag. Lucy.