Feelin Like 22… So Doomed

It was my birthday last week and turned 22, luckily no one sang me THAT song. It was a packed week full of fun things, starting off with…


This was actually a really good start to the week, it helps you to start your week off in the right mind set and prepared me for the week to come.

My lovely parents got me an Odeon Unlimitless Card for my birthday so I treated myself to seeing Wonder Woman again. I was scared I wouldn’t of felt the same way about it but it did it’s work. My ankle hurt when I left but I didn’t give a fuck, I listened to the Wonder Woman soundtrack and strutted as if pain couldn’t stop me… until it did and I had sit down. Plus I found out the composer of Wonder Woman composed The Bee Movie making me cry laugh on the tube by myself.

My parents came up to London to celebrate my birthday, we went to the Sensational Butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum which was beautiful. I had multiple butterflies land on me and felt one with nature. My ankle then started to hurt so changed plans and went on a boat down the Thames seeing how beautiful and weird London is. Even though my ankle hurt it was nice that my parents could adapt plans so I could enjoy my Birthday.


On my actually Birthday I got lovely presents and cards from my friends and family; mostly books and spooky pins and tops so very appropriate for me. We (my housemates and friend) went out for dinner as I share my Birthday with one of my housemates. We went to Burger & Lobster and… Wow… I can’t do it justice… but… IT WAS THE BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE. I advice everyone to eat there, it is a little pricey but don’t worry it’s worth it. My last meal on the planet I want to be what I had there: two amazing cocktails, melt in the mouth lobster roll which I dream about still and a white chocolate Creme Brulee which was free as it was my Birthday. I just cried a little thinking about how good that meal was.


The next day myself and two m8’s went to the Into The Unknown exhibition at the Barbican Centre, it’s all about science-fiction film, books, TV and other fiction. It was a combination of amazing props and costumes from science-fiction classics such as Alien, Sunshine and I Robot, plus a screening of a short sci-fi film and an instillation about robotics in space. I highly advice you to go if you love sci-fi. Plus it’s at the Barbican Centre and if you go to the outside courtyard it looks like Star Trek’s depiction of future Earth. I LOVE IT! The only issue I had was that my ankle really hurt, when I said that we should go to this exhibition I completely forgot about my ankle and how it would be affected. I rested it and we did get to see everything but it still hurt and just annoyed me that I couldn’t enjoy the exhibition fully.

Finally on this birthday extravaganza we had a house party for my housem8’s and my birthday, it was Goosebumps themed/ Halloween in July to those who hadn’t seen Goosebumps. I created a mask by hand to go as Carley Beth from The Haunted Mask. My friend out did herself and went as Slappy and painted her bald head to look like painted hair.


Overall it was a good birthday, the only thing I regret was that I couldn’t enjoy it fully because my ankle hurt, reminders of the car crash and PTSD making me feel low, angry, annoyed and self-conscious at moments meaning enjoyment was hard to take. Now I’ve decided that it’s time to help myself which I should of been doing the whole time. 22 is going to be the year I stop helping everyone else not myself. I’m going to put me first and do what I need to do to get better.

Here’s To Recovery. Lucy.